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Shelter Island Reporter Letters to the Editor


A moment of focus
To the Editor:
Jean Lawless has brought us to attention like the sudden crack of artillery (“Our view: When nobody knows, nobody cares,” February 15).

No, not shot, as you check yourself for blood, but deeply wounded. Ms. Lawless has brought us to a moment of focus, as if through a sight. This sight, however, is the destruction of Suffolk County parkland and is the work to clear, in this writer’s opinion, a water view for two homes set upon a hill.

It is also evident that the area was damaged not just this year, but a year previously as well; the blanched and brittle branches, hacked down in the past, make that clear.

How interesting it is that if disciplinary action is hesitant or withheld, it encourages escalation.  This is a moment when “it takes a village” becomes a point of departure from the habit of not wanting to get involved. Someone knows and there are a lot of people who care.

News wrap-up
To the Editor:
Politicians don’t ask questions and believe what they are fed. Please take note of the baymen. They understand nature is not controllable by  laws made by man. Eat fish!

Again, we see the destruction of the daffodil beds planted by the Boy Scouts on the site of the Prospect Hotel at North Ferry. How many times have they been planted and lost?

The best way to combat useless TV is to cut the babble Cable from your life. You will be amazed how much information you get without its drone. Have a conversation over dinner, improve your digestion and communication skills. Laugh together. Have fun. Give it up for Lent, save money, talk to your neighbors and discover how interesting life is. They will lose subscribers, or is it slaves to commerce?
Shelter Island

Only right
To the Editor:
I wanted to remind, or make aware anyone who did not see the February 1 Reporter story (“Summoned to the principal’s office”), that the “Decency” campaign was started by Lisa Cholnoky.

I simply painted the logo on a wall in the school, as requested by Superintendent Christine Finn, but the idea to introduce the initiative into the school was from Lisa and Ms. Finn.
Shelter Island