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Shelter Island Police Department blotter


Those named in arrest reports or receiving police summonses have not been convicted of a crime. In court, the charges against them may be reduced or withdrawn or the defendants may be found not guilty.

In a response to questions from the Reporter on last week’s home invasion case, Police Chief Jim Read released a statement: “The Shelter Island Police Department and the Suffolk County Police Department Major Case Detectives are actively working on the burglary case that left Reverend Paul Wancura bound in his home for many days. Both agencies are fully committed to resolving this case and have dedicated the full resources of both departments to bring this to a conclusion. We continue to ask for the support of the community and for the public to please report anything that they may have seen or any information they may have, in connection to this horrific event.” 

Miguel Rojas-Decker of Riverhead was arrested in Bayshore on March 12 on an active warrant for grand larceny in the 4th degree. He was transported back to Shelter Island for arraignment at Shelter Island Justice Court (SIJC) where he was released on $500 bail. The defendant had an additional active warrant out of Riverhead Town Court and was later turned over to Riverhead Town Police.

Aidan Monti of Shelter Island was stopped on North Menantic Road and ticketed for making an unsafe turn without a signal on March 21.

On March 23, Jaramillo Molina Jorge of Brentwood was stopped on St. Mary’s Road and ticketed for unlicensed driving and speeding 47 miles per hour in a 35-mph zone.
Christopher Bolten of Shelter Island was stopped on March 25 on West Neck Road and ticketed for driving an uninspected and unregistered vehicle.
Other Reports
Police assisted a caller in Hay Beach with changing the battery in a smoke detector at a home on March 20.

Police returned a lost kayak to the owner, conducted D. A. R. E. lessons to 5th and 7th grades, and secured a front door of a Center residence at a caller’s request on March 21.

On the same day, police opened a confidential investigation based upon information provided to them regarding weapon possession.

On March 22 an officer escorted a prisoner for an arraignment and a caller from Menantic reported an argument.

On the same day a caller reported concern about an elderly man they had seen walking along the road. The caller asked him if he needed help and the man said no, then the caller asked the man if he was O.K. and he said no. The caller asked police to find him and check on him.

A caller reported receiving unwanted calls from an individual selling residential solar panels on March 22.

Also on March 22, a caller reported that while riding his bike on North Ferry Road, a pick-up truck drove slowly past him several times and made him nervous. Police searched the area and did not find the truck.

On March 23 a caller told police she would soon be arriving on the Island and asked for an officer to accompany her on a walk-thru of her two Silver Beach residences. An officer assisted and found no problems.

A caller reported hearing a motorcycle on Klenawicus Airfield on March 24. Upon arrival officers did not find any tracks or signs of a motorcycle.

On March 24 a caller reported finding a license plate on a road and another caller reported a scam phone call telling her she would be arrested for multiple warrants.

A caller reported hearing a loud vehicle near the Gardiner’s Bay Country Club on March 24. Police responded with stationary patrol and had no results.

On the same day, an alarm was activated in the Heights. Police contacted the owner who said plumbers were working at the residence. Officers found the home secure on arrival.

On March 24 a caller reported dogs barking in Hay Beach. Upon arrival officers found two dogs who appeared to have been left at a residence with the ability to go in and out of the home as they pleased.

Police were unable to contact the owners.

Shelter Island police assisted the East Hampton Police Department with the Montauk St. Patrick’s Day Parade on March 25.

On March 25 police and the Shelter Island Fire Department were dispatched to a residence in Silver Beach for an activated fire alarm. Chief Reiter determined it was a false alarm after finding that it was set off by a worker.

A caller reported witnessing a dark colored SUV hit a turkey on March 26. The caller believed the turkey was injured. Police were unable to find the turkey.

On March 26 a caller reported receiving a threatening phone call from a supposed social security office in Texas, telling her that her social security number was “black listed.” An officer advised her to visit www.ssa.gov to file a fraud complaint.

On the same day, a person reported that an unknown person had attempted to use his social security number. An officer gave him an identity theft information packet.

On March 26 police performed court duty at SIJC without incident and responded to an alarm set off in West Neck due to overheating in a boiler room.

Aided cases
On March 20 police responded to a Life Assist alert and assisted the caller with moving from the floor to a chair. No injuries were sustained.

Shelter Island Emergency Medical Services transported one person to Southampton Hospital for observation on March 21.