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Shelter Island Reporter Letters to the Editor


Tribute to Barry
To the Editor:
On behalf of the families of the Charles (Bub) Ryder and Mary Payne, Cindy Arkinsons and Margaret Walther, we express our great gratitude and thanks to:

Chief Anthony Reiter and the Shelter Island Fire Department, Publics Works Commissioner Jay Card, the Employees of the Shelter Island Highway Department, the Shelter Island Fire Department, Ladies Auxiliary and his hunting and fishing buddies for the most wonderful tribute and memorial that they produced for our son, friend, and brother, Barry W. Ryder.

To all his friends who attended, we thank you all. It was so nice to see that he had so many friends.

He will be missed.
Shelter Island

Community catalyst
To the Editor:
Next week, April 8-14, communities across the country celebrate National Library Week, a time to remind the public about the contributions libraries make to their communities.

This year’s theme is “Libraries Lead.”

Libraries serve as catalysts in their communities, offering opportunities for patrons of all ages to learn, grow and achieve their dreams. In addition to providing access to books, e-books, computers and other resources, libraries offer educational and entertainment programs including lectures, crafts, book clubs, movies, English as a second language classes and much more.

Here are a few ways The Shelter Island Public Library is celebrating:
• We are forgiving overdue fines for the week. So now is the time to bring those overdue books in!
• We will hold a drawing for a library logo tote bag full of “advance reader copies” (books about to be published). You may enter at the Circulation Desk.
• We’re highlighting our Readers Advisory Service. Wondering what to read next? See Jocelyn at the Reference Desk to fill out a “Bookfinder” questionnaire for some suggestions.
National Library Week is the perfect time to visit the library and find out what we can do for you.

Director, Shelter Island Library

To hell with it
To the Editor:
From the Department of Incorrect Quotes: Charity Robey’s column (“The hell with broccoli,” March 29) caught my eye, not because of the disdained vegetable, but because it needlessly edited the famous E.B. White spinach joke.

The actual, far funnier text, was: Mother: “It’s broccoli, dear.” Daughter: “I say it’s spinach, and I say the hell with it.”
Shelter Island