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Shelter Island Police Department blotter


Those named in arrest reports or receiving police summonses have not been convicted of a crime. In court, the charges against them may be reduced or withdrawn or the defendants may be found not guilty.

On April 3, police conducted distracted driving enforcement in the Center with no violations observed and also assisted a woman who was having difficulty starting her vehicle.

Police responded to a call on April 4 stating that unknown people entered the caller’s Cartwright residence through an open side door and said they were renting the home. Upon arrival, police interviewed both parties and determined that the renters were mistaken, viewed their rental agreement and directed them to the proper address.

During the same visit, police noted a broken lock on an outside door of the residence. No items were reported missing and no other signs of criminal activity were noted.

On the same day, police returned a New York State license plate found on South Midway Road to its owner.

Also on April 4, police responded to a call in the Center reporting noise from a loud diesel truck and were unable to locate the truck upon arrival. Police also assisted a caller with moving from the floor to a wheelchair, no injuries were sustained.

The same day, a caller from the Center reported that he had parked his vehicle inside his barn and the next morning the caretaker found the vehicle with the driver’s side door open and exterior lights flashing because the alarm had gone off. The caller requested increased patrol of his residence during evening hours.

Later that day, police notified a Shelter Island resident that their New York State driver’s license was suspended for failure to attend a driver reassessment course. The officer contacted the Shelter Island Senior Center and was told they would be in contact with the resident to assist with any transportation needs, meals and phone calls.

On April 5 police issued four traffic stop related verbal warnings in the Center, two for speeding and two for miscellaneous violations.

An alarm was set off in a Menantic residence on the same day. Upon arrival police found the home secure and suspected that the alarm may have been triggered by high winds.

Police are currently investigating the burglary of an unoccupied residence in Silver Beach, reported on April 4. After being away for an extended period, the owners returned to the home to find it burglarized. Shelter Island police are conducting an investigation with the assistance of the Suffolk County Police Department Major Case Detectives.

Later that day police assisted a caller who had fallen and responded to a call reporting a loose dog on Menantic Road.

A caller reported an open front door of a vacant Center residence on the same day. Police responded and determined that the last person to leave the home had not closed it properly. Finding no signs of criminal activity, officers notified the owner.

On April 6, police issued one verbal warning in the Center to a driver with no trailer lights and helped a caller who had locked their key in their car gain entry into the vehicle.

Later that day, police responded to a report of two dogs loose in the Center who were gone upon arrival.

Also on April 6, an officer on patrol placed cones in the Center where a low hanging telephone and cable wire was blocking east bound traffic. Verizon and Optimum were notified for repairs.

A caller reported an injured deer in the Center on the south side of the courthouse on April 6. Police responded and observed a deer running away with a deformed front leg.

On the same day, an alarm was activated in a Shorewood residence by an electrician who was unaware of the alarm. The owner was notified and police found no problems at the residence.

A caller from Ram Island reported that a man had parked his vehicle in the area and walked away, leaving two children in the car on April 6. Police responded, but the vehicle was gone when they arrived.

An alarm in a Silver Beach residence was activated on the same day. The caretaker called to confirm with police that he had set it off himself and believed it to be a malfunction. He said he would leave it off until it was repaired.

Police issued one verbal warning while conducting radar enforcement in the Center on April 7.

An officer assisted a caller with a disabled vehicle in the Center on the same day. They attempted to jump start the vehicle but it would not hold a charge, so the caller contacted a towing company.

On April 7 a caller from the Center reported damage to their barn door and windows. They did not want a criminal investigation and made the report for informational purposes only.

A Silver Beach caller reported a tree limb on wires on April 7. Police responded, dislodged the limb and placed it on the side of the road.

On the same day, police responded to a call reporting a loose dog in Silver Beach that they were unable to find and assisted an elderly female walking with heavy bags in the Center.

A West Neck caller reported hearing knocking sounds outside their residence on April 7. Police responded and searched the exterior of the home, finding no evidence of criminality. The caller was advised to check their video surveillance and let police know what they found.

Also on April 7, a dog was found loose on Rocky Point Road. The caller brought the dog to the police department. While there, the owner called to report a lost dog and came to get it.

On April 8 police helped a Silver Beach resident gain entry into their home after locking themselves out and responded to a call from West Neck reporting lost keys that were located before the officer’s arrival.

Later that day police assisted a caller who had fallen. No injuries were sustained and the officer notified the person’s grandson.

On April 9 police performed court duty at Shelter Island Justice Court and conducted radar enforcement in the Center with no violations observed.

On April 6 Shelter Island Emergency Medical Services (SIEMS) transported a caller to Eastern Long Island Hospital (ELIH) for evaluation.

SIEMS responded to an April 8 call and transported a person to ELIH for observation.