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Shelter Island Police Department blotter



Those named in arrest reports or receiving police summonses have not been convicted of a crime. In court, the charges against them may be reduced or withdrawn or the defendants may be found not guilty.

On April 19 Eros Ratiashvili of Shelter Island was stopped while driving for failure to keep right. He was subsequently ticketed and arrested for failure to keep right, a first offense of driving while intoxicated, operating a vehicle with .08 of 1% and unlicensed operation of a motor vehicle. He was later arraigned before Shelter Island Justice Court (SIJC) where he was released on his own recognizance and directed to return at a later date.

William F. Nieto of East Hampton was stopped on West Neck Road on April 17 and ticketed for unlicensed operation of a vehicle and failure to keep right.

The next day Justo F. Chacho Cortes of Everett, Washington was stopped on Gardiners Bay Drive and ticketed for driving an unregistered vehicle and for inadequate stop lamps.

Helen C. Fox of New Haven, Connecticut was stopped on April 22 while driving on South Menantic Road for speeding 48 miles per hour in a 35-mph zone.

Juan C. Condo of Southampton was stopped on April 23 on West Neck Road and ticketed for driving without a seat belt.

During eight patrols conducting radar and distracted driving enforcement police issued one verbal warning.

On April 17 a Center caller reported finding a broken glass door at her under-construction residence. She thought it may be a manufacturer defect and made the report for informational purposes.

The same day, a burglary alarm at a Heights residence was activated. When police arrived, the homeowner told them he’d been having problems with the keypad.

On April 18 a Center caller reported a neighbor’s barking dogs as an ongoing issue. Upon arrival, police didn’t hear the dogs and advised their owner of laws regarding barking.

Later that day a resident dropped off a box of expired prescription drugs to police.

On April 19, an officer instructed D. A. R. E. to 5th and 7th graders and while patrolling Silver Beach, closed a garage door he found open.

Later that day, a caller from the Heights said a man tried to sell her what appeared to be stolen property.

The same day, a caller from Long View reported newspapers accumulating in front of their neighbor’s home. Police spoke to the neighbor’s caregivers, confirmed everything was O.K. and notified the caller.

On April 20 police helped a caller locate a spare set of car keys, received a call inquiring about gun ownership laws, assisted a caller with gaining entry into his locked vehicle and helped a Center caller unload plates from a vehicle

Later that day an officer patrolling Silver Beach noticed an open door at a residence with the basement light on. The officer spoke with the occupants who were working in the basement and forgot to shut the door.

On April 21 police responded to a call from Hay Beach reporting a dog barking for hours. Police were unable to locate the owners.

Later that day a Shorewood caller reported seeing a suspicious looking person walking along the road. Police found a man matching the description who said he was walking to the ferry. The officer drove him to the ferry and notified the caller.

Police responded to a Hay Beach call reporting a loose dog on April 22. Upon arriving at the scene the officer found the dog and got it back into its owner’s yard.

The same day police received a call from a woman who was unable to reach someone by phone and asked an officer to check on him. Police spoke with the person who said he was doing well and notified the caller.

On April 23 police conducted afternoon school crossing, oversaw court duty at SIJC and assisted a Center resident with removing faulty smoke detectors.

The same day police responded to an activated burglary alarm in Silver Beach. Upon arrival they found everything secure and no signs of criminal activity. The owner and caretaker both said they’d been having problems with the alarm system.

Later that day a Center caller reported being bitten by a neighbor’s dog. The owner said the dog would be leashed at all times to prevent future attacks.

On April 19 Shelter Island Emergency Medical Services transported a caller to Eastern Long Island Hospital for evaluation.