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Firefighters respond to back-to-back calls Monday

JULIE LANE PHOTO Smoke can be glimpsed in the center of this picture of a small electrical fire that was quickly brought under control by Shelter Island firefighters Monday night.
JULIE LANE PHOTO The Shelter Island Fire Department responded to a small electrical fire that was quickly brought under control Monday night on Ram Island Drive.

Shelter Island Fire Department volunteers were kept busy Monday night with back to back calls.
The first call came in about 5:15 p.m.  followed by a second call within minutes.

The first call came after a brief electrical blackout that set off a carbon dioxide detector at a house on Cobbetts Lane behind the Manhansett Firehouse, according to Chief Anthony Reiter.

But no sooner had firefighters solved that situation then they were off to a call at 70 Ram Island Drive where a small electrical fire caused by a power strip caused minor damage to a house.

A fire alarm system in the house worked properly, alerting firefighters to the situation, and they dispatched trucks while police also responded to the site. They were on site for more than a half hour, to clear smoke out of the house after putting out the small fire.

Chief Reiter had high praise for his firefighters and Shelter Island Police who responded  quickly to both situations.

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