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Shelter Island Police Department blotter



Those named in arrest reports or receiving police summonses have not been convicted of a crime. In court, the charges against them may be reduced or withdrawn or the defendants may be found not guilty.

On May 5 Leslie A. Pascaud of New York City was stopped on West Neck Road and ticketed for failure to stop at a stop sign and for speeding 60 miles per hour in a 35-mph zone.
On the same day, Barbara E. Bartoloni of Sag Harbor was stopped on North Ferry Road and ticketed for driving an unregistered vehicle.

On May 7 an accident involving two vehicles occurred with damages estimated at over $1,000. Randy A. Jackson of Hampton Bays was backing up a Mack dump truck on Ram Island Road when he struck a Dodge pick-up truck driven by Juan Lopez. The pick-up was towed away from the scene of the accident by Liberty Towing.

On May 1 a Center caller reported finding a black plastic bag with what they thought was the carcass of a dog. Upon investigation police found the contents to be the remains of a red fox and disposed of it properly.

Later that day police conducted distracted driving enforcement with no violations and responded to a call reporting a dog at large in the Center.

Police also responded to a call reporting someone walking around a Silver Beach property. Upon arrival they found the residence locked and secure and contacted the homeowner who said a friend was removing his boat from the property.

On May 2 an officer on patrol observed a loon that appeared to be injured. Upon inspection the officer determined that the loon was not injured but was stranded and relocated it to Gardiners Creek.

On the same day someone gave police a breathing device they had found at North Ferry terminal and police assisted a resident with retrieving property that went missing from her residence.

Police responded to an activated residential alarm in the Center, found no problems and were unable to determine the cause of activation.

On May 3 a Center caller stated that a vehicle was blocking her driveway and had been doing so for several days as a result of neighbors working on their property. Upon arrival police saw the vehicle and spoke to the owner who agreed to stop parking there.

The same day, a Center shop owner told police that a couple had asked to use the shop’s bathroom. When they left the property the owner found that the toilet had been damaged and a water pipe was leaking on the floor. Police looked for the couple’s vehicle with no results.

Police also responded to a call from Menantic reporting dirt bikes riding on vacant property with osprey nests on it but were unable to find the bikers.

Later that day police received a call reporting loud music in the Center. Upon arrival police found a resident who was apologetic for the noise and said his family was having a celebration. He turned off the music.

The next day police opened an investigation into alleged drug activity within their jurisdiction and a caller from Longview asked for help retrieving a dog that had gotten loose.

Then on May 5 a caller from West Neck reported having a verbal altercation with an erratic bicycle rider who swerved in front of his vehicle.

A caller from Harbor View reported a broken window pane at their residence. Police investigated and determined that the incident didn’t appear criminal in nature.

Later that day an officer patrolling the Center was stopped by a motorist who had found a baby raccoon on the road. They contacted animal rescue and were advised to put the raccoon in a box with a towel and a warm water bottle until it could be retrieved by the appropriate organization.

On the same day a person gave police a pair of sunglasses they found.

A caller from Hay Beach reported two dogs at large but police observed no violations while conducting stop sign enforcement in West Neck on May 6.

On May 7 police performed court duty and received a call reporting petit larceny. The caller did not want to press charges, but said something was removed from the side of their Center residence without permission.

That afternoon, police responded to an activated carbon monoxide alarm at a Hay Beach residence. Shelter Island Fire Department was also on the scene and did not detect carbon monoxide. Both agencies determined that the alarm was possibly set off by an island wide power outage and left a message with the homeowner.

During the week Shelter Island Emergency Medical Services transported seven people to Eastern Long Island Hospital and one person to Southampton Hospital for evaluation.