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Menhaden tree investigation still ongoing: Gerth promises continued tracking

JULIE LANE PHOTOS Illegally cut trees off Menhaden Lane.

JULIE LANE PHOTOS Illegally cut trees off Menhaden Lane.

The investigation into dozens of illegally cut trees on both sides of Menhaden Lane is continuing, according to Supervisor Gary Gerth.

He announced that Suffolk Country officials are continuing to investigate the devastation done to cedar, cherry, locust and other trees on land owned by the county, but through which the town maintains access.

Police Chief Jim Read confirmed the effort was underway by the Suffolk County District Attorney, saying agents are continuing to question a number of people about the damage initially reported by Island resident Jean Lawless who discovered the destruction while walking her dogs in the area.

Mr. Gerth said some Islanders worried that with the investigation of the March 19 burglary and subsequent death of Reverend Canon Paul Wancura, the investigation into the tree damage might be forgotten. That’s not the case, he said, noting that different sectors of the county were investigating the two local occurrences.

He promised to continue to follow up with Chief Read who is regularly speaking with the Suffolk County Police Department.