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Shelter Island Reporter Letters To the Editor


To the Editor:
In her letter to The Reporter, Michelle d’Arcambal (“Your Letters,” May 3) asserts that the short-term rental (STR) laws are negatively impacting Shelter Island’s seasonal economy.

Following that letter, Georgiana Ketcham urged that a prior letter from Ms. DeRose needs to be fact-checked line by line.

In that regard, Ms. d’Arcambal should share the data and sources behind her statement regarding the STR laws and their negative impact on our seasonal economy.
Shelter Island

The best
To the Editor:
There are not enough words to express my many thanks to the Shelter Island ambulance crew and the Shelter Island Police Department for their help early Wednesday morning, May 2, in bringing my wife Mollie to the hospital.

I am extremely grateful to all of you. You are the best!
Shelter Island

Thanks to generous souls
To the Editor:
I want to thank the wonderful people of Shelter Island for supporting my fundraising efforts for the Lustgarten Foundation for Pancreatic Cancer Research and Cure.

I should have written this letter in January, but the Island population was then at a low ebb. I have waited to give you my good news — because around Mother’s Day seems an appropriate time since my own mother’s death from pancreatic cancer was the impetus for my work.

Michael Walsh (since deceased) and I had produced a collection of poems under the title “Neuron Mirror” and as we went to publication I asked Michael if we could donate what we earned from the sale of the book to the Lustgarten Foundation. He agreed and the fundraising began at the close of 2014.

I am happy to tell you that at the close of 2017 “Neuron Mirror” had raised over $10,600 for the Lustgarten Foundation. Much of that money came from the generosity of Shelter Islanders who bought the book at the Shelter Island Library or at the Farmers Market.

I want to especially thank Esther Hunt whose generosity came at a time when most needed and Dan and Karen Moran (former Shelter Islanders) who provided a wonderful gift to the Lustgarten Foundation in my name.
I think of my mother every day, not just on Mother’s Day. I hope many of you remember the Lustgarten Foundation in the future.
Information on the Lustgarten Foundation and on Neuron Mirror can be found on my website neuronwalker.com.

With thanks to the generous souls of Shelter Island.
Shelter Island