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Deer & Tick Forum on deck for Thursday evening

JULIE LANE PHOTO Dr. Scott Campbell
Dr. Scott Campbell will be on hand for Thursday evening’s forum.

Shelter Island’s Deer & Tick Committee is sponsoring an educational forum Thursday evening at the Shelter Island School auditorium with three key speakers who will address issues concerning Islanders.

Speakers are Susan Booth-Binczik, head of the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation Deer Management operation; Dr. Scott Campbell, director of the Suffolk Country Department of Health Services Anthropod-Borne Disease Laboratory and a member of the Shelter Island Deer & Tick Committee, and Chairman of the Suffolk County Tick Control Advisory Committee; and Shelter Island Animal Control Officer Beau Payne.

The date was chosen to ensure that visitors to the Island would learn how to avoid tick-borne diseases; what to do if they get a tick bite; and to remind residents that it has already been an active season for ticks here despite the many efforts to reduce the problem.


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