Local artist creates sea life installation for the library



These ocean-themed sculptures, now hanging in the children’s section of the Library, were created by Peter Waldner, an award-winning Reporter cartoonist and accomplished mixed-media artist.

When first commissioned to create art for the space, Mr. Waldner planned to create children’s literary characters but was happy to oblige when told about the under-the-sea theme.

Most of the sculptures are made out of a combination of clay and paper mache. Some of them, however, like the Shark Face and the North Ferry painting, Mr. Waldner had already created beforehand but added to the collection because he thought they fit the theme.


Mr. Waldner typically works with oils, acrylics and colored pencils. But he began dabbling in 3D artwork when asked to assist in the set design for the Shelter Island Drama Club’s production of “Young Frankenstein” in 2014 and has continued working in the medium ever since. His 3D creations appear in annual promotions for ArtSI, or the Artists of Shelter Island Open Studio Tour.

One year, Mr. Waldner made a great white shark for the promotions so life-like that a resident wrote a Letter to the Editor complaining that it was scaring unsuspecting swimmers.

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