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Shelter Island Police Department blotter


Those named in arrest reports or receiving police summonses have not been convicted of a crime. In court, the charges against them may be reduced or withdrawn or the defendants may be found not guilty.

Two arrests resulted from the Suffolk County District Attorney’s East End DWI Task Force, made up of officers from Shelter Island, Riverhead and Southold Town Police Departments performing random saturation patrol checks on the evenings of July 3-4.

Matthew J. Aufiero, 19, of Glen Head was arrested and charged with violations including Driving While Intoxicated and unsafe speed. His car was involved in a single vehicle accident causing injuries to himself and a passenger requiring transport to Eastern Long Island Hospital by Shelter Island Town Emergency Medical Services. He was released on $100 bail and instructed to appear in Justice Court at a later date.

Joseph T. Montag, 39, of Shelter Island was arrested on charges of driving while intoxicated and failure to keep right. He was arraigned in Justice Court and released on $500 bail.

The Task Force will continue to be deployed throughout the East End for the summer season and motorists are reminded to drive safely.

On July 5, John R. Orlando, 39, of Manorville was arrested and charged with speeding 38 mph in a 25 mph zone (New York Avenue), aggravated unlicensed operation in the second degree, circumvention of an interlock device and unlawful possession of marijuana. He was processed at police headquarters and released on $300 station house bail with instructions to return to court at a later date.

On July 3, Cheryl S. Sokolow of New York City was ticketed on South Ferry Road for mobile phone use without a hands free device while operating a motor vehicle. Cameron J. Pendergrass of Killeen, Texas received a summons on July 4 for speeding 55 mph in a 35 mph zone, on Cobbetts Lane. On July 7, Thomas J. Lenzer of Shelter Island was ticketed for underage drinking at Crescent Beach. A minor was also ticketed for the same offense.

On July 8, Yvonne Clarke of Shelter Island was ticketed for allowing a dog to run loose at Crescent Beach. On July 9, Benjamin M. Palm of Miami, Florida was ticketed at 1 South Ferry Road, after complaints of unreasonable noise — yelling, whistling and playing loud music at 2:34 a.m.

The following summons were issued by the Bay Constable:
On July 5, Zachary D. Ashton of Greenport was ticketed for towing of persons without an observer, off Crescent Beach. On July 7, K. Vasyukevich of Briarwood received a summons for operation of a boat near bathers at Crescent Beach. Also, Edward J. Dolman of Brooklyn was ticketed for having a child under 12 not having a PFD, in Dering Harbor. John M. Davidson of Elberth, Alabama received a summons for insufficient PFDs off Crescent Beach.

On July 2, while backing up, a car driven by Jean Brechter of Shelter Island struck a car operated by Marie Buscemi of Shelter Island at the parking lot of the Presbyterian Church office at 32 North Ferry Road. Damage exceeded $1,000; no injuries were reported.

That day, a car driven by Robert E. Winters of Shelter Island struck and killed a deer on South Menantic Road.There was no damage to the vehicle and no humans were injured.

Other Reports
On July 2, police investigated a family dispute. The same day, police investigated a trespass in the Center and advised an individual of a trespass order. An Affidavit of Trespass was completed.

On July 2, police investigated an identity theft, with a caller stating that unknown persons opened several accounts under her name without her permission. A similar complaint of grand larceny was made on July 5 involving unauthorized charges on the caller’s accounts.

On July 2, police assisted with fingerprints for a visa application. Police provided an escort to a funeral procession from the Heights to Our Lady of the Isle Cemetery.

On July 3, police conducted distracted driving enforcement in the Center, two verbal warnings were issued. Also on July 3, police located kayaks improperly placed on a dune/grass area in West Neck and contacted owners who all agreed to move boats to comply with town code. That evening, persons fishing on the docked North Ferry were issued a warning on trespassing.

On July 4, a large dead white rabbit was reported in a Center roadway; police contacted the Shelter Island Fire Department  for removal.

Also, a caller in West Neck reported finding a small rabbit in a parking area. Upon being informed that the bunny was placed in a box in an office, the officer advised the caller to return the animal to the wild.

On July 5, police conducted radar enforcement in the Heights. Police investigated a possible violation of a no-trespass order in Silver Beach.

Then police were informed of threatening statements from an individual in the Center. Also, a caller reported witnessing the sale of alcohol to a known underage person at a Center location on July 5; investigation to continue.

On July 6, police responded to complaints about a driver who cut in and out of the North Ferry line several times to get closer to the boat. The driver said he believed he could merge into the line from Waverly Place. Police advised him to go to the end of the line.

On July 6, police conducted distracted driving enforcement in the Center, resulting in one verbal warning.

That day, a caller reported that a female walked into his house in the Center uninvited; he found her in his house when he returned home. She stated that she thought her friend lived there and was sorry; the caller said nothing was disturbed or missing.

On July 7, a caller complained that a person phoned her Center residence four times looking for a room; the caller said she was completely booked. She then observed the woman sleeping on a chair inside her bed and breakfast without permission. She would like the person to stay off her property and have no further contact.

On July 8, police conducted radar enforcement in the Center. On July 9, police investigated a complaint in the Heights of a suspect coming onto property and engaging in a verbal argument. Police advised the suspect he is no longer allowed on the property.

On several occasions, police assisted with lost property and pets, successfully returning a number of dogs to their owners.

On July 3, a fire alarm was activated in Hay Beach; SIFD responded and determined that it was a false alarm. Also that day, in the Center, a CO alarm was set off; SIFD responded and found it to be false.

On July 4, a fire alarm was set off in West Neck; it was determined by SIFD to be set off by steam from showers. That day, SIFD responded to an alarm in Dering Harbor, caused by smoke from a faulty elevator sump pump in the basement. The pump was disconnected and removed from the residence.

On July 6, a gas detector in Ram Island set off an alarm; SIFD confirmed it was false. On July 7, SIFD responded to a smoke alarm in Silver Beach, accidentally set off by cooking.

On July 9, in the Center, SIFD responded to a report of heavy smoke, found a hot plate plugged in and turned on while stored inside a kitchen oven. The fire was contained in the oven, with no other damage. SIFD removed the oven, capped the gas line and ventilated the apartment.

Aided Cases
Shelter Island Emergency Medical Service teams responded to calls for assistance on July 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6. Six people were transported to Eastern Long Island Hospital and one to Southampton.