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Shelter Island Police Department blotter



Those named in arrest reports or receiving police summonses have not been convicted of a crime. In court, the charges against them may be reduced or withdrawn or the defendants may be found not guilty.

On the afternoon of July 15, Mary P. Margrill, 54, of Port Washington was arrested at a Grand Avenue location for harassment in the 2nd degree. She was arraigned at Justice Court where she was released without bail and given a court appearance notice for a later date.

On July 11, William S. Moore of Portland, Connecticut was issued a ticket on South Ferry Road for having an unregistered trailer.

Nancy L. Pearson of New York City received a summons on July 12 on West Neck Road for an uninspected motor vehicle. Catherine E. Carey of New York City was given a ticket on West Neck Road on July 12 for speed not reasonable and prudent.

On July 13, Annette M. Gould of the Bronx was ticketed for failing to stop at a stop sign on West Neck Road.

Kristine A. Bartunek of Mastic received a summons on July 14 for failing to stop at a stop sign on New York Avenue and for aggravated unlicensed operation. Bryan A. Judge was also ticketed that day for failing to stop at a stop sign on West Neck Road.

On July 15, Jamieson N. Webster of Brooklyn was given a summons on Manwaring Road for operating a motor vehicle while using a portable electric device. On July 15, Charlotte Wray of Shelter Island received a summons on Shore Road for allowing a dog to run at large.

On July 13, Joseph A. Fabiili II of Glennwood Landing was ticketed near Wades Beach for towing persons without an observer on the boat.

Blake Davies of New York City was issued a summons on July 14 for operating a vessel too close to swimmers at Crescent Beach. That day, Julie Katz of Shelter Island received a summons near the South Ferry for failing to carry a vessel’s registration.

On July 15, Kyle J. Gutman of Lloyd Harbor was ticketed in West Neck Harbor for using another person’s mooring without their permission. Also that day, Phillip A. Wanat of Mattituck was given a summons for having an unregistered motorboat in West Neck Harbor. Additionally, Jacinto R. Mejia Cumbe of Brooklyn was ticketed for having a porgy under 9 inches at the beach at Crab Creek. Walter R. Vasquez was given a summons that day for fishing without a valid fishing permit at the beach at Crab Creek.
And a person on July 15 requested assistance searching for a lost dinghy; a search of Coecles Harbor failed to locate the dinghy.

On July 12, two cars on the North Ferry line were involved in a minor accident. A car operated by Melecio De La Cruz of Greenport struck a car operated by Barbara Jean Ianfolla of Shelter Island. Each car sustained a broken side mirror, totaling less than $1,000 in damage; the drivers agreed to pay for their own damage.

On July 15 in Menantic, a caller reported that her car had been parked from 9 to 10 p.m. at SALT; as she was leaving she found damage to the driver’s side front fender, in excess of $1,000.

On July 11, in Silver Beach, a burglary alarm was activated; it was set off accidentally.

On July 12, in Hay Beach, an alarm went off with no apparent cause; the caller was advised to contact the alarm company.

That day the Shelter Island Fire Department (SIFD) responded to a smoke alarm in West Neck. Chief Reiter determined it to be a false alarm from a faulty smoke detector.

On July 16, in Hay Beach, a smoke detector was set off by low batteries. Also that day, on Ram Island, a fire alarm was activated by a steam iron underneath sensor. SIFD responded and determined it was not a false alarm.

On July 10, police responded to redirect a North Ferry line that had backed up past Piccozzi’s service station.

On July 11, an open garage door in Silver Beach was investigated; there were people found to be working on the property.

A caller complained that while boating in Menantic Creek, he observed a residence flying a flag that he found objectionable. He was advised that it was not illegal to fly such a flag.

On July 11, police conducted radar enforcement in the Center.

An injured deer was reported near the Center on July 12; an officer dispatched the animal and notified the Highway Department to remove it.

On July 13, a Silver Beach garage door was found open and a vehicle parked in the yard.

An officer secured the door and noted no criminal activity. On that date, an irrigation system was seen being installed in Dering Harbor in violation of regulations. The Building Department was notified.

On July 13, police conducted distracted driving enforcement in the Center.

On that date, Officers Springer and Rando conducted marine training on all police vessels. Later, a caller reported a vehicle drove into a West Neck driveway and knocked down a rotten split rail fence before driving off erratically. Police searched the area but were unable to locate the vehicle.

On July 13, police conducted DWI enforcement in the Center, resulting in nine vehicle and traffic stops and four summonses.

On July 14, a dog was reported on a caller’s property; police advised the owner to keep the dog on his property or a summons would be issued in the future. On July 15, police conducted distracted driving enforcement in Center, three verbal warnings were issued.

Also, Stephanie Bucalo of Shelter Island was issued a summons for allowing numerous dogs to bark for an extended period of time, which could be heard from across the roadway in the Center.

On July 16, Officers McGayhey and Graffagnino performed marine training on all police vessels. That date, police conducted distracted driving enforcement in the Center and on St Mary’s Road; no violations were observed.

Shelter Island Emergency Medical Services responded to calls for assistance on July 11, 12, 13 and 15. Three patients were transported to Southampton Hospital and one to Eastern Long Island Hospital.

Traffic Control Officers (TCOs) issued 48 parking tickets this week.