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Shelter Island Police Department blotter



Those named in arrest reports or receiving police summonses have not been convicted of a crime. In court, the charges against them may be reduced or withdrawn or the defendants may be found not guilty.

On July 22, Maria Teresa Zingaro Maier, 49, of Westport, Connecticut was arrested for failure to signal and failure to stop at a stop sign. Subsequent to further investigation, the defendant was arrested for aggravated driving while intoxicated. The defendant was held at Shelter Island Police headquarters and later arraigned in Shelter Island Justice Court. She was released on bail and directed to return at a later date.

On July 22, Adam N. Sher of Malibu, California was given a summons on Nostrand Parkway for having an uninspected vehicle. Later, Pericles G. Stavridis of Brooklyn was ticketed for failing to stop at a stop sign on West Neck Road.

On July 20, a car driven by Nadine D. Griesbach of Berlin, Germany, while backing into a parking spot at Wades Beach, hit the front of a parked car owned by Marion Conway of Shelter Island; the cost of damage exceeds $1,000.

Later, a car driven by Rebecca J. Guariello of Southold struck a parked car owned by Susan E. Dempsey of Newtown, Pennsylvania in front of the Shelter Island Heights Pharmacy, damaging the first car’s mirror. Damages did not exceed $1,000 and no injuries were sustained.

On July 21, a parked car on Grand Avenue owned by Christine O’Connell of New York City was struck by the handle of a suction valve on the right side of a firetruck driven by Beau E. Payne of Shelter Island. The parked car sustained damage exceeding $1,000 to the driver’s side rear quarter panel; there was no damage to the firetruck.

Later, a car operated by Cristina Castellanos of Shelter Island was struck by a car driven by Ryan G. Friedman of Hewlett making a left turn onto North Ferry Road. Damages to both cars exceeded $1,000; no injuries were sustained.

On July 18, the bay constable observed a boat crossing the buoy-marked exclusion zone at Crescent Beach and issued a warning to the owner about crossing the swim area. On July 20, the bay constable observed a vessel exiting Shell Beach harbor without a validation sticker; the operator was issued a warning for not being registered with the state of Connecticut.

Other Reports
On July 17, a caller reported multiple dogs barking at a Center location; the responding officer found the owner was not present, and called the owner to advise that barking must be controlled regardless of whether the owner is home. The officer offered assistance and advised that summonses would be issued for future violations. The owner declined assistance and denied that the problem was ongoing.

Later, police and the Shelter Island Fire Department responded to a vehicle fire in the North Ferry line. All occupants got out safely and the fire was extinguished. Police assisted with traffic control at the ferry line.

Police conducted radar enforcement that day in the Cartwright area.

On July 18, police conducted radar enforcement in the Heights and issued one verbal warning. Police responded to a report of a verbal dispute at a Menantic location, interviewed and separated the parties. No offense was committed.

On July 19, a caller in Silver Beach requested assistance to learn how the head on his boat functioned. The responding officer came aboard and saw that it was a portable head, and explained how it could be removed to empty.

Later, a West Neck caller reported that employees taking equipment into a shared driveway bent a sign at his residence.

That evening, police conducted radar enforcement in the Center; no violations were observed.

Later, police responded to a report of a driver refusing to pay North Ferry charges. After a discussion, the driver agreed to pay the difference between a one-way and a round-trip fare. Also, a person was reported loitering in a suspicious manner in a Menantic parking area, was subsequently picked up and left the scene.

On July 20, a caller reported a West Neck resident calling their business to complain about construction employees damaging a name sign at a common driveway. Police advised the resident to stop calling the business.

On July 21, the department conducted an auction to dispose of unclaimed found and impounded property. That day, a West Neck caller reported people trespassing on his property and fishing on his dock. Police advised subjects they were on private property and were only allowed to fish below the high water mark. The individuals complied and left without incident.

On July 22, police responded to a report of a fight at a Heights location. Both parties appeared to be intoxicated and did not wish to file harassment charges. While on patrol in the Heights that night, police observed a large crowd in the roadway; they did not observe underage drinking but advised the owner of the establishment.

A West Neck resident emailed police on July 22 about water skiers in the area at a high rate of speed; he was advised to call headquarters regarding his concerns. On that date, a caller advised police that a Center residence would be left vacant and stated that no one should have access. The caller was advised that any owner dispute is civil in nature. The call was for informational purposes only.

Also on July 22, police conducted distracted driving enforcement in the Center; one verbal warning was issued. That evening a caller reported someone with a knife at a Center location. On responding, the officer was told that the call was a mistake: the subject was a child playing with a plastic sword.

On July 23, police conducted radar enforcement in the Center. That evening, a caller reported a dead crow and voiced concern that the death could have resulted from an infectious disease. Police retrieved the crow and transferred it to the Suffolk County Health Department.

A report of ongoing noise coming from Sunset Beach was investigated on July 23. The caller stated that no progress had been made since the noise issue arose previously. Police advised the caller that they need to investigate while the alleged violation is taking place.

Later that day, a caller reported that a small dog chased her and her husband at a Center location and scratched her husband. No medical attention was required. Police advised the owner of local laws pertaining to dogs; the owner agreed to keep the dog on the premises.

That evening a caller reported a cat lying in the middle of the roadway. The responding officer determined it was a dead fox and moved it to the side of the road.

On July 17, a door alarm was triggered at a Center location by an incorrect pass code. Also a carbon monoxide alarm was activated in Silver Beach; SIFD responded and determined the cause was low batteries, not a false alarm.

On July 18, a carbon monoxide alarm was accidentally activated in South Ferry by pushing a test button. SIFD chiefs responded and determined there was no problem.

On July 20, a possible electrical fire was reported in a Center location. SIFD responded and determined a faulty wire was activating the breaker. The owner was advised to have an electrician check the house.

On July 21, at a South Ferry location, a basement smoke detector was activated by steaming clothes. SIFD responded; no further action was needed.

Aided Cases

Shelter Island Emergency Medical Services responded to calls for assistance on July 17, 18, 19, 20, 21 and 22 and transported 11 persons to Eastern Long Island Hospital. On July 22, SIEMS responded to a call for assistance and transported a patient to Southampton Hospital.

Parking tickets
Traffic Control Officers issued 15 parking tickets between July 17 and July 23.