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Shelter Island Police Department blotter



Those named in arrest reports or receiving police summonses have not been convicted of a crime. In court, the charges against them may be reduced or withdrawn or the defendants may be found not guilty.

On July 26, Alvaro M. Ortiz Ramirez of East Marion was ticketed on North Ferry Road for operating a motor vehicle while using a non-hands free mobile phone. Later, Yanci M. Vasquez Mancia of Frederick, Maryland was given a summons for the same offense on North Ferry Road.

Gordon Z. Cantley of Shelter Island was ticketed on July 27 on St. Mary’s Road for speeding 45 mph in a 35 mph zone. Later, Alexander Zisfein of Glen Head, New York received a summons on Smith Street for inadequate lights.

On July 30, Frank Fedi of Riverhead was ticketed for driving while using a mobile phone on North Ferry Road. Later that morning, Alison Pratt of Shelter Island received a summons on South Ferry Road for speeding 60 mph in a 40 mph zone.

On July 31, Gustavo A. Chuc Rodriguez of Greenport was ticketed on Manwaring Road for failing to stop at a stop sign, having an unregistered motor vehicle and unlicensed operation.

On July 24, Christian T. Sarbagh of New York City was ticketed for not having a personal flotation device aboard a personal water craft in Coecles Harbor.

Anthony Licatesi of Atlantic Beach received a summons on July 29 for having no validation stickers displayed on a vessel in South Ferry Channel; the vessel had been observed waking other vessels.

On July 26, a tractor trailer operated by Anthony Rana of Portofino Point, Florida struck power lines on Foxen Creek Road in the Mashomack area, pulling down seven utility poles. Police notified Verizon and PSEG. There were no injuries, and damage exceeded $1,000. Jeremy Samuelson of Mashomack Preserve was notified and was able to make two paths on which only a 4×4 vehicle could travel to access homes in the area.

On July 29, a vehicle operated by Nathaniel T. Winters of Brooklyn was struck by a bicycle attempting to make a left turn on St. Mary’s Road. The cyclist, Mitchell Rice of Shelter Island, did not sustain any apparent injuries but appeared confused and was transported to Eastern Long Island Hospital by Shelter Island Town Emergency Medical Services as a precaution. He stated that he had head phones in his ears and was not aware that the car was approaching. Parents of both parties were notified. Damage to the car was minor.

On July 24, police and Shelter Island Town officials assisted in clarification of an ongoing property dispute on Shore Road. That evening, a caller reported she sent her workers to clean a house, but they went to the wrong house and it was unlocked. Police contacted the homeowner and told him he had received a free house cleaning.

Police conducted distracted driving and enforcement at several Center locations on July 24. Radar enforcement was conducted in the Heights on July 25. On that date, police escorted an individual from the North Ferry to a residence without incident.

On July 26, a caller reported numerous vehicles going the wrong-way on a street in the Heights this summer; the caller thinks GPS is sending the drivers down this street. SIPD will continue to monitor the flow of traffic in the area and advised the caller to call 911 whenever they see wrong way drivers.

A trespasser was reported on July 27 at a Cartwright location; the caller wanted the suspect informed she is not allowed on that property. Radar enforcement was conducted on July 27 in the Center; one speeding ticket was issued.

On July 28, a caller reported a short-term rental possibly having more than five people. Police interviewed the tenant and determined there was no violation of the town group rental code. That day a domestic dispute was reported in the Center; it was verbal and no injuries or offenses were committed.

On July 28, a fight between two dogs occurred; one was on a leash and the other was loose. There were no injuries. Police advised both parties to provide SIPD with the dogs’ vaccination records.

That evening police responded to a complaint of loud noise coming from a Ram Island location. The responding officer conducted decibel readings at the caller’s property line and found them at or below the legal limit. The music ended at 11 p.m. The police advised the manager of the noise complaint.

On July 29, a caller reported a dispute with his neighbor over a right of way at a Center location. Both parties agreed to have no further contact. Later, a domestic dispute was reported at a Center location.

That night, a caller reported loud music coming from Sunset Beach. Police took a noise meter reading and found no violation. The caller was advised of the results.

On July 30, a caller reported finding his car’s passenger side front window shattered at a Silver Beach location. Police canvassed the area and observed no criminal activity. After further investigation, a landscape company was found to be responsible.

Traffic Control Officers issued 53 parking tickets between July 24 and July 30.


Shelter Island Emergency Medical Services responded to calls for assistance on July 24, 25, 26 and 28.

Seven patients were transported to Eastern Long Island Hospital.

Police provided a lift assist to a caller in response to a personal alarm on July 24.
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