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Shelter Island Reporter Letters To the Editor

JULIE LANE PHOTO View from Vincent Novak’s backyard overlooking Fresh Pond.
View from Vincent Novak’s backyard overlooking Fresh Pond.

Best deal no deal?
To the Editor:
Here are some observations on the proposed Novak property land purchase (“Fight over public funds for Fresh Pond,” August 2).

1. The intended purchase is for a .5-acre land parcel on Fresh Pond.

2. The house on this land is to be destroyed or moved — the Town does not want it.

3. The “bargain sale” discount offer from the seller is $719,000 — $100,000 less than the total assessed value of the house and land at $819,000

4. The land is assessed at $572,000.

5. The “bargain price” is therefore $147,000 over the assessed value of the land.

Assuming my math is correct — while the town appears to be getting a $100,000 discount, the price is actually a $147,000 surcharge for the purchase of the land. And then the town has an unspecified, open-ended responsibility to clean up the site after the house is wrecked. Yikes!

The owner has threatened to withdraw his “bargain sale” price on September 3. The Town Board should not act in haste but take the time to fully evaluate the economics and presumed benefits of this offer and don’t be rushed by a seller-manufactured time limit.

And remember — sometimes the best deal is no deal.
Shelter Island

Debating house purchase
To the Editor:
Regarding the possible purchase of 40 North Ferry Road by the town, (“Turnaround on house buy,” July 26) a number of folks (taxpayers) who have seen my July 21 letter to the town (on file at the Town Clerk’s office), have urged me to share it to hopefully assist in a more constructive and informed discussion going forward on the pros and cons of this terribly important proposed action.

As I stated in my letter to Supervisor Gerth, last year the town performed due diligence, which confirmed that property’s poor condition and estimated value, leading the board to conclude that the then asking price was unrealistic.

Currently, there are reports that the town needs additional employees and is eyeing the house for expanded space. I asked the supervisor to provide 1) a firm estimate of the cost of expansion —including renovation/demolition or replacement of the structures — and 2) the new needs that have come up requiring more town employees. I recommended he share with taxpayers where new hires are needed and why, along with an aggregate figure of total salary and fringe benefit expense.

We are fortunate in several ways to have this important matter before us now, as many more of us are around now, for better participation in the public hearings on this matter, and fortuitously, the supervisor is legally obligated to turn in to the town and the public on or before September 30 his proposed 2019 town budget, which no doubt is being actively worked on as we speak.
Shelter Island

To the Editor:
I wish to express my gratitude to the Shelter Island Lions Club for constructing and financing the pavilion on Wades Beach.

The high-quality structure is elegantly designed and nicely connected to the old beach cottage. The pavilion is a true asset for the Shelter Island community and offers a relaxing and shady place for the beach visitors, in particular for senior citizens.

One must applaud and praise the members of the Lions Club for their initiative and substantial financial investment of such a major project. The pavilion is a unique sign of generous citizenship and neighborly self-reliance.

I will now enjoy my walks at Wades Beach more than before and take time to sit under the pavilion and observe the serene views of the bay.
Shelter Island

When help was needed
To the Editor:
Shelter Island is indeed fortunate to have the Emergency Medical Services team and all of the senior resources we’re blessed with.

In the past months my family had a sudden need for these services and found all involved to be exceptionally professional, caring and understanding.

The EMS team and Shelter Island Police officers arrived in minutes, evaluated the situation and swiftly transported us to Eastern Long Island Hospital (ELIH). The senior resources personnel assisted in the return from ELIH, coordinated with East End Hospice and assisted in arranging in-home nursing care and even constructed a ramp.

All in all, my entire family and I thank all who helped us when help was needed.
Shelter Island

Thank you to all
To the Editor:
Thank you to everyone in the community who turned out for Mashomack Preserve’s 35th annual Dinner Dance Celebration on July 28.

Through the generous support of 400 guests and the amazing work of more than 120 volunteers, Mashomack’s environmental education programs are strong heading into the school year.

The team at Mashomack is proud to be a part of the Shelter Island community. We see it as our responsibility to share these 2,000-plus acres with every student, family and explorer that visits or lives on the Island. Of course, our work caring for and sharing these natural wonders is possible only with the community’s support.

So, a huge “Thank you!” to everyone who spent the evening with us or volunteered over the spring and summer helping get us ready.

You are too numerous to name here but I hope you know that your support allows us to care for Mashomack, helps protect Shelter Island’s drinking water and educates the next generation of environmental stewards.
Director, Mashomack Preserve

Note of thanks
To the Editor:
This past Sunday there was a lobster dinner at St. Mary’s Episcopal Church. It was our first time event and a huge success. We had our limit of 80 people filling the Parish Hall and a dozen or so more — the volunteers who cooked and prepared the corn, the baked potatoes, shrimp, clams, condiments, wine and beer, and served it all. They worked hard for many hours and deserve our immense appreciation and gratitude.

Besides enjoyment of the perfect dinner, buying tickets for our 50/50 raffle and munching on homemade desserts that covered a huge table in our “library,” what was most obvious was the congeniality, the outright delight of everyone in attendance whether finding old friends long not seen, or making new ones.

In this new world of division and hatred, it was the most wonderful experience to share love and laughter, to make new acquaintances and to look forward to the same special events next summer.

Not to be forgotten was our “Blessing of the Animals,” which took place earlier in the day at St. Mary’s Church and was visited by many beautiful large and small dogs and one sweet cat (with owners, of course). It was a joy to see them so well behaved (the animals, of course) during their individual blessings bestowed by Father Charles and followed by a respite in the Parish Hall for both owners and their loving animals.

We also received much appreciated and very generous donations to benefit the North Fork Animal Welfare League in Southold.

We had a most rewarding day. We thank everyone who participated and made it possible and we look forward to a repeat performance next year.
Shelter Island