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WAC advises continued water conservation

REPORTER FILE PHOTO Water Advisory Committee member Greg Toner
Water Advisory Committee member Greg Toner

The latest test well readings show a moderate drop in water levels, just below the normal median height for July, according to Water Advisory Committee (WAC) member Greg Toner, who crunches the numbers provided by the United States Geological Survey.

The United State Drought Monitor has classified Long Island drought intensity at an initial warning level, but for Shelter Island, that translates to the usual caution at this time of year for residents and visitors to continue to conserve water, Mr. Toner said.

The WAC recommends voluntary compliance with conservation measures.

As of July 31, the Northeast Regional Climate Center designated Long Island as “abnormally dry” based on moisture in the ground.

The National Integrated Drought Information System has not forecast a drought expectation.

While rainfall has been 3.3 inches in the past 35 days, the majority has fallen in the past few weeks, after the readings were taken. It’s likely that the full impact of all that rain hasn’t reached the aquifer, Mr. Toner said.


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