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Town Board to consider summons authority



The Town Board expects to look at a draft resolution that would authorize Fire Marshall Arthur Bloom, Town Attorney Bob DeStefano Jr., and Animal Control Officer Beau Payne to issue summonses for code violations.

In introducing the proposal at Tuesday’s work session, Mr. DeStefano said the resolution would be subject to a public hearing. The proposed authority would not give anyone the right to enter a private home without the owner’s permission, or if a warrant authorizing entry was issued.

For the most part, summonses would apply to commercial building, Mr. DeStefano said.

Initially, a business owner would be told about the violation and given time to “cure” the situation. If the owner was unavailable, a notice would be posted on the door of the business and a letter sent informing the owner of the problem.

If the owner notified the town that steps were being taken to fix problems, no summons would be issued. But if the owner ignored the situation, the summons would require a court appearance where potential action could be taken.

If a business owner pleaded not guilty in court, it would fall to Mr. DeStefano to prosecute the case, he said.

In an ongoing effort to improve medical services, the Town Board expects to tour Eastern Long Island Hospital Friday morning to learn about new services and equipment available there. The affiliation with Stony Brook Hospital is another plus, Supervisor Gary Gerth said, noting that Dr. Nathanael Desire has an affiliation with Stony Brook.

The Town Board is moving to grant employees time while on the job to participate in training programs or to take compensating time if they train online at home.

In other actions, the Town Board:
• Approved an application for Sylvester Manor to hold a fundraising event at Windmill Field between 6 and 8 p.m. on Saturday night.
• Denied a request from BG Catering in East Hampton to host a clambake at Wades Beach on September 7.

At its regular meeting on August 17, the board unanimously voted to expend $68,421 as a 10 percent down payment of the total price to purchase 40 North Ferry Road, the building and lot next door to Town Hall.

The board has said it will use the property for parking and allow the tenants now living there to remain.