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Town Supervisor Gary Gerth to speak at Union Chapel service

COURTESY PHOTO Town Supervisor Gary Gerth will be the guest speaker at Union Chapel’s next service.
Town Supervisor Gary Gerth will be the guest speaker at Union Chapel’s next service.

Town Supervisor Gary Gerth will be the speaker this coming Sunday at the annual Shelter Island Association service Sunday at 10:30 am at Union Chapel in the Grove.

Mr. Gerth was elected town Supervisor last November. He previously had a distinguished career as a commander in the United States Navy, administrator leading a number of departments in Nassau County and Town of Hempstead, and as Director of the Veterans Service Agency. Mr. Gerth bought his home on Shelter Island in 1979 and has always had a high level of interest in Island political issues. He never sought political office, but was persuaded by Republican friends to run for town Supervisor based on his deep love for Shelter Island and extensive knowledge of the mechanics of local government.

Mr. Gerth also has a deep spiritual side. He was raised a Lutheran, converted to Catholicism when he married, and then went to New Brunswick Theological Seminary on the St. John’s University campus. Although New Brunswick Theological Seminary is affiliated with the Reformed Church in America, it is considered an ecumenical and urban institution and reflected Mr. Gerth’s all-encompassing belief. Following Seminary, Mr. Gerth worked part time as a minister at a number of Long Island Churches. His last position was at the Congregational Church of Bay Shore where he served from 2005 until 2017.

Mr. Gerth’s sermon topic is “Who do you say I am?”

The Shelter Island Association is a gathering of people dedicated to initiating, broadening, assisting, and encouraging a continuing participation by residents and property owners in any activity having a bearing on the betterment, advancement, and best interests of Shelter Island. The Association’s membership is open to any resident or property owner on Shelter Island. The Association’s regional trustees include representatives from Shelter Island’s 14 neighborhood groups.  Tim Hogue is the president and will be making a few remarks at the service.

Music will be performed by Chapel Organist Linda Betjeman, with guest musicians “Island Folk” featuring Heather Reylek, Penny and John Kerr, and Wendy Clark.