Board of Ed approves hirings



In a special meeting last Thursday, the Shelter Island Board of Education approved the hiring of a part-time social worker replacing Jennifer Olsen who left the district at the end of the 2017-18 school year.

Michelle Albano, who holds a master’s degree, will earn $51,196, a pro-rated salary based on her part-time status. Details on her background will be available at a later date when she is available for an interview.

Superintendent Christine Finn and the Board of Education are still interviewing candidates to hire a business official who will replace Idowu Ogundipe. Mr. Ogundipe left the district after a single year to accept a position in Wyandanch, much closer to his home.

The Board approved the hiring of Carolyn Taylor as a leave replacement for science teacher Sharon Gibbs at a salary of $63,995.

The following people were approved as substitute teachers for the 2018-19 school year and are either certified teachers or have earned a four-year college degree: Mia DiOrio, Danielle Ferrer-Lava, Susan Kaufman, Lillian Klupka, Lee Yuen Lew, Phyllis Power, Richard Osmer Jr., Marion McEnroe and Jenifer Corwin. They would earn $110 for each day they work.

Danielle Ferrer-Lava and Kathleen Renault were hired as substitute nurses at the rate of $110 per day.

Libby Liszanckie and Mary Boeklen were hired as substitute aides at the rate of $95 per day. Both could also serve as substitute monitors at the rate of $11 per hour.

Ms. Boeklen could also serve as a substitute cafeteria worker at the rate of $11 per hour.

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