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Shelter Island Police Department blotter



Those named in arrest reports or receiving police summonses have not been convicted of a crime. In court, the charges against them may be reduced or withdrawn or the defendants may be found not guilty.


Travis O. Maker, 36, of Riverhead was arrested on September 24. Subsequent to an investigation for an order of protection violation, the defendant was charged with criminal contempt in the 1st degree, aggravated harassment in the 2nd degree and stalking in the 3rd degree. He was held overnight and arraigned at Justice Court; he was released on $7,500 bail.


On September 19, Freddy S. Bueno Lopez of Brooklyn was ticketed on West Neck Road for operating a motor vehicle while using a portable electronic device.

Also that day, on Summerfield Place Cristian D. Hernandez of Greenport was given a summons for unlicensed operation. A.S. Walker of Shelter Island was ticketed at the North Ferry on September 20 for having an uninspected motor vehicle.

On September 22, Yury V. Stepanchenko of New York City was given a summons on South Ferry Road for aggravated unlicensed operation in the 3rd  degree and improper license plates.

On September 22, Linda Eklund of Shelter Island was given a summons for permitting amplified sound coming from the Ram’s Head Inn in excess of 50 dBA.

Robert M. Marcello of Shelter Island was ticketed on September 22 on North Menantic Road for driving with an improper license.


On September 21, a caller reported a strong unknown odor emanating from a vacant lot in the Tarkettle area. ACO Payne responded and found a deer carcass on town owned property. The carcass was left there to finish the decomposition process.

On September 23, a Cartwright caller reported a person dressed in camouflage with a gun on the beach. Police interviewed the person, who said he was hunting geese. ACO Payne was notified.


Loren J. Cross of New York City was ticketed on September 23 for having an unregistered motor boat in Dering Harbor. That day, Edmund Grainger of Carmel was given a summons for insufficient PFDs in a boat by the South Ferry.

Later, Angel Chiqui of Corona received a summons for having undersize fish in Crab Creek.

The constable responded on September 22 to a report from police headquarters of a large boat anchored too close to the shore in Dering Harbor. The owner of the vessel, which was anchored past the 500 foot designation, was notified and advised of the town regulations. The owner was compliant.

On September 23, a bay constable noticed a half submerged vessel on its side, tied to a dock on the Noyack side of the South Ferry channel. He contacted the home owner and Sea Tow was notified.

The bay constable and police assisted in securing a safety zone in Greenport harbor for a U.S. Coast Guard helicopter demonstration during the Maritime Festival on September 23.


On September 19, a vehicle operated by Cristian Hernandez of Greenport sideswiped a vehicle at the North Ferry operated by James P. Cullen of Southold. Damage was under $1,000 and no injuries were reported.

On September 22, a deer ran out of the woods on Cobbetts Lane near Manhanset Road and struck the passenger side door of a vehicle operated by Kristin M. Church of Shelter Island. Damage was estimated at over $1,000.

There were no human injuries.

On September 24, a vehicle driven by Greg Turnbull of North Babylon was making a turn onto Ram Island Drive from North Cartwright Road when it rear ended a car driven by Victoria A. Cardaro of Shelter Island. There was damage to the rear bumper in excess of $1,000. No injuries were reported.

Robert M. Marcello was operating a motorcycle on North Menantic Road on September 22 when he laid the cycle down to avoid another vehicle. He was transported to Eastern Long Island Hospital by a private vehicle. The accident was reported to police afterward. Damage was over $1,000.


Police investigated possible drug activity on September 19. That day police conducted distracted driving enforcement in the Center, issuing one ticket.

An investigation into a grand larceny and burglary was conducted on September 20. That day, distracted driving enforcement was conducted in West Neck, resulting in one verbal warning.

Police searched a Heights building on September 21 after observing an open door while on patrol. No indication of criminal activity was found. On that date, police conducted a well being check in Menantic at the request of a caller. No one was at the residence; the caller was going to check the person’s other residence in Flushing and advise SIPD of results.

Police assisted individuals to gain entry to locked vehicles at the Center on September 21 and 23. An individual in Harborview was assisted with a locked vehicle on September 23.

On September 21, a bicycle reported to have been left at a Heights location for several weeks was received by an officer, who provided a receipt to the caller. On that date an order of protection violation was reported in Hay Beach.

On September 22, radar enforcement was conducted in the Center with no issues reported. On that date, a caller reported multiple cars parked in the Heights creating a possible hazard due to the Greenport Maritime Festival.

Police responded but observed no parking violations. The caller was advised to contact the Heights Association regarding future parking restrictions. An officer deployed cones in front of the caller’s driveway to assist in preventing cars from parking in front of the driveway.

On September 23, a Shorewood caller reported a dead deer on their property. Police removed it to the side of the roadway and notified the highway department to remove it.  A kayak was reported missing from Wades Beach on that date.

Police returned handguns to the owner on September 24. Property in a vehicle in impound was returned to the owner on September 24.


On September 19, a burglar alarm was activated at a Ram Island residence. Police investigated and found a door partially ajar, but no signs of criminal activity. A caretaker responded and said the owner had recently left and possibly did not shut the door completely, allowing the wind to blow it open.

A motion alarm was activated at a Ram Island residence on September 20. Police searched and found all was secure.

On September 21, an alarm was activated at a Cartwright residence; an incorrect pass code had been entered. That day, an interior motion alarm was activated at a Ram Island residence. Police searched and found all secure; the owner was advised.

On September 22, a residential interior motion alarm was activated in Ram Island. All doors and windows were found to be secure. The owner was notified and is attempting to correct the alarm issue.

A fire alarm activated in Westmoreland on September 23 was caused by smoke from cooking. The owner notified dispatch to cancel the alarm before the Shelter Island Fire Department needed to respond.

On September 24, a fire alarm was activated at a Silver Beach residence. It was found to be a false alarm caused by dust from cutting concrete outside.


On September 24, Shelter Island Emergency Medical Services responded to a call from the Center and transported a patient to Eastern Long Island Hospital.