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Island sustains some flooding, outages

A view from the deck outside Marie Eiffel’s restaurant on Bridge Street during today’s storm.

Today’s nor’easter shut down North Ferry for about an hour, according to Heights Property Owners Corporation General Manager Stella Lagudis. Those waiting were patient with the delays, Ms. Lagudis said. All service is back up.

South Ferry ran “pretty close to normal,” according to a spokesman in the office there.

Bridge Street sustained flooding that required closing down the roadway for a short period, according to Police Chief Jim Read. By late afternoon, he was observing some wash-over in spots along the Second Causeway.

PSEG didn’t show outages on the map, but Chief  Read said several poles snapped and a couple of transformers were hit. He thought power had been restored in most areas by late afternoon. He said if there are still outages, they are likely to be in the Dering Harbor area where a transformer got knocked out.

The PSEG response has been great, the chief added.

Weather on the Island tonight is expected to bring intermittent and light rain, according to the National Weather Service.

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