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Shelter Island Police Department blotter


Those named in arrest reports or receiving police summonses have not been convicted of a crime. In court, the charges against them may be reduced or withdrawn or the defendants may be found not guilty.

On November 23, a vehicle driven by Richard Ruscica of Shelter Island struck a deer on Gardiner’s Bay Drive. The driver was able to remove the deer. There was no damage to the vehicle and a deer tag was filed.

On November 20, police conducted radar enforcement in the Center. On November 21, radar enforcement was conducted in the Heights. Police conducted distracted driving enforcement in the Center on November 22 and 25.

Police received a report on November 22 of hunters shooting over the open water in Hay Beach. The caller asked about regulations and police advised on the parameters for both skeet shooting and duck hunting. All persons shooting at the beach were doing so lawfully.

Police received a report from Silver Beach on November 23 from a caller who said he was going to close off a road to remove a grounded vessel. The caller stated that he had advised the Shelter Island Highway Department (SIHD) and that he would notify the police when the road was reopened.

A Menantic individual surrendered guns to the police for safekeeping on November 23.

Police responded to a call from Silver Beach on November 23; outdoor shower pipes had burst from the cold. An officer responded and shut off the water supply. There was minor flooding in the basement. The caretaker was notified and the homeowner arrived on the scene.

A Longview caller reported finding a basement window open on November 23 and requested extra patrols.

Police provided traffic control for the Turkey Plunge at Crescent Beach on November 24 without incident.

On November 25, a caller reported property removed from a Tarkettle residence while the owner was away.

A missing person report was filed on November 25 by a Silver Beach caller.

A hazardous condition was reported in Menantic on November 25 due to a flooded roadway. Police responded and placed traffic cones.

Following a 911 call with static on the line November 26, police contacted Verizon. It was determined the landline was faulty and the company would repair it.

On November 26, a Center caller reported a person loitering in and around her store. She requested police speak with the subject, which they did.

Pigs were reported in a Center roadway on November 25. Police escorted the pigs off the road and toward Sylvester Manor; an employee was notified.

A caller reported finding three kayaks and a catamaran washed ashore at a Center location on November 25. An officer located town permits on the vessel and moved them all to a permitted area. The owners were notified and will have them removed.

An officer found a canoe washed ashore at a Center location that day. SIHD was notified and placed it in the police impound.

Shelter Island Emergency Medical Services responded to five calls for assistance, on November 22, 24 and 25. One patient was transported to Southampton Hospital and three to Eastern Long Island Hospital. Another patient required no transport.

Police provided a “lift assist” — helping a caller from floor to bed — on November 22; the victim refused medical attention.

On November 21, an alarm at a Center location was set off while batteries were being changed. Another alarm was set off that day at a Center residence, but police found all doors and windows secure and notified the caretaker.

On November 22, a chimney fire was reported at a Center location. The caller was able to extinguish it with water. The Shelter Island Fire Department (SIFD) responded and vented the residence.

A fire alarm was activated at a Center location on November 23; SIFD determined it to be false.

On November 24, a carbon monoxide alarm was activated at a Silver Beach residence.

SIFD responded and found high amounts of CO coming from the gas hot water heater.

SIFD opened windows and shut off the gas supply to the house. The caller was told to contact the gas company to repair.

A burglar alarm was activated at a Menantic location on November 25. Police found an interior cellar door open beneath the outside bilco door, which was not latching properly. Police checked the interior and found no signs of criminal activity.