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Shelter Island Ladies Bowling: Staying hot

Did she forget where she was? No, Joanne Kresak was right on time for Ladies Bowling League ‘Pajama Night.’

By Julia Best
In one respect, lane action cooled down for week five of league play. No more pjs for Pajama Week. Other aspects of ladies’ bowling at the Legion remain hot.

The first-place team, Louie’s Shear Delights, is keeping the heat on and leads the league by 14-plus points.

The cavernous gap between 1st and 6th place is 36.5 points.

Bowler of the Week goes to Willette Hoffmann. Her powerful three-game series recorded 34 pins over her average on the league standing sheet. It should be mentioned that Lynda Steinmuller rolled a single game that was 38 pins over her average, which gave “Wild Willie” a run for her money on the boards. Lynda moved into the second-place league record spot for high handicap game with a 209, tying Sarah Malone of the Alley Cats. All in all, consistency across the series won the bowling honors this week. Way to go, Willette!

Sunday night saw the Guttersnipes face We’ve Been Framed (WBF). The Snipes went down in the first game but captured the next two games of the series for a 7 to 4 point victory. Lynda S’s big, first game helped to secure WBF’s win in that round (and almost got her Bowler of the Week honors).

Both team captains rolled the highest scores for their teams; Ellie Labrozzi with a 153, the highest scratch score of the outing, and Cathy Driscoll with a 135 for her Guttersnipes. Jules Best tied Cathy’s score in the second game but couldn’t keep up with her captain for the rest of the series. The Snipes remain in second place. Their team play also landed them in second place, on the league sheet, for high handicap game and pushed WBF into the third position for that statistic. WBF, however, moved into the second spot for their high handicap series of 2,160, knocking Louie’s Shear Delights into the third spot. Overall, a good match-up with many exciting ups and downs.

Alley Cats were defeated by the Fabulous Five on Monday night with a point tally of 3 to 8. Our feline friends were trying to defend themselves with three players against the Fab’s five. Captain Essie Simovich and Jackie Brewer of the Fab Five tied for the high game score with 136 pins each in the second round.

While Jackie consistently marked throughout her whole game, Ess posted 3 spares in a row to exit her middle game for the teammate to teammate tie. Team rank didn’t change for the Fabs or Cats, but the Fabs picked up a bunch of points and sit 13 points over the Cats in the league standings.

Louie’s Shear Delights remain in the hot seat at the top! It can be lonely at the top, but not with the Odd Balls nipping at your heels. The Odds didn’t seize the victory, but they squeezed onto the league sheet with the third highest scratch series, a 1,453. Ironically, this spot is right below the Delights. Willette’s hot Bowler of the Week play certainly helped the Delights secure 7 points from the Odds who only got 3. Her score of 149 in the third round was the highest rack-up for Tuesday night.

Linda McCarthy, of the Odd Balls, did her best for the good of the team by rolling a nice game of 143 (tying Willie’s first game). The Odds’ efforts grabbed first place for the highest scratch series for a team.

Early in the season, there is a ton of interesting movement on the league standings sheet.

Stay tuned for information about the gals next bowling special event — Ugly Christmas Sweater Week.

Bowling Question of the Week: Sometimes it’s all about the green stuff. What would the approximate cost be to install a new bowling alley in the Legion (or elsewhere)?

Answer to Last Week’s Bowling Question: Lofting is throwing a bowling ball more than a short distance down the lane. This is usually done with a “bounce pass technique,” but can also be done with a straight ball. While lofting the ball is not against the rules, it is generally looked down upon by the bowling community because of the damage it can do to the ball and lanes. Some professional bowlers do loft their balls a considerable amount under certain lane conditions. For example, “crankers” — high-revolution ball throwers— may loft under dry conditions on the lanes in order to delay the ball’s reaction and prevent it from over hooking.

League Standings – Week 5
Louie’s Shear Delights 46.5 points
Guttersnipes 32.5
Odd Balls 28.0
Alley Cats 25.0
Fabulous Five 23.0
We’ve Been Framed 10.0