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Water Council: Well levels show no cause for concern

Water Advisory Council member Greg Toner said the latest well water levels pose no concerns.

With voluntary water conservation efforts on Shelter Island continuing to be in effect,  level heights at test wells for the month of October are above or near normal, according to the United States Geological Survey.

The latest readings reveal no causes for concern, according to Greg Toner, who crunches the USGS numbers for the town’s Water Advisory Committee.

No drought conditions are expected at least until January, Mr. Toner said. His information on drought conditions come from the United States Drought Monitor that in September removed all of Long Island from its list of areas that had previously been considered potential areas where droughts could occur.

The Island’s Big 4 wells — Manhansett, Manwaring, Congdon and Goat Hill — tend to provide a strong indication of the town’s overall water levels and show a general increase above their median levels.

The Menantic well is slightly below its median level. The Hay Beach well showed an extremely high gain from its last reading and is over its median level, Mr. Toner said.

That suggests the prior month’s reading was defective, something the Water Advisory Committee and USGS officials thought might be the case, he said.

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