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Richard’s almanac: life & land on the Island

JIM COLLIGAN PHOTO  An Island sunset.

You may remember that I devoted this space a few weeks ago to caregiving and the help it provides to those who need it. I also spoke about the toll it can take on the one giving the care.

Well, there’s going to be a Caregiver Education Program at the Senior Center beginning on Tuesday, January 8, 2019 from 10 to 11:30 am. It will run for four successive Tuesdays. According to director Laurie Fanelli, the program is designed to “take the stress out of family caregiving.”

“This program is designed to meet the needs of adult caregivers of the elderly during four Tuesdays in January,” Laurie said, adding that it will not be a program to prepare one for employment but rather to be able to deal better with family members in need of care.

I learned that students will be self-directed in their learning. They will use a problem-centered approach and will address tasks that are directly related to their caregiver needs. They will also examine methods available to them to care for themselves and not get overwhelmed by the pressures of caring for a loved one.

“The course will be taught by two experienced nurse educators who will behave as partners to the caregivers in a participative learning journey,” Laurie said.

Those who are interested are urged to call the Senior Center at (631) 749-1059 to get more information and sign up.

Meanwhile, I did some serious thinking and research after attending the meeting last week of the Community Housing Committee listening to the frustrations aired over the high cost of property here.

I remember hearing “location, location and location” as the three most important factors in determining the value of real estate from old-time Island broker Greg Price. And I guess that still holds true today. Shelter Island property is hot. This makes it hard to find a suitable two-acre parcel on which to build a four- or eight-unit affordable rental building.

I looked up property for sale in the Bennington, Vermont and Hoosick, New York area (where I lived until recently) and found homes with large plots of land selling for well below six-figure prices. I am talking lots of acreage.

In some areas of this country houses can be had for the same price as high-end cars, and in nice areas. You won’t find these in the Real Estate section of the Sunday New York Times but they are out there.

So what do we do on Shelter Island? We must look at the real needs and plan carefully and tastefully with the whole community behind any project.