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Town Board wraps up 2018


At the end-of-year Town Board meeting on December 28, members approved the payment of numerous bills that had accrued during December.

These included items such as cell phone reimbursements for Highway Department members, tree work on town-owned land, emergency medical products, jail food and propane.

No one questioned any of the disbursements.

Supervisor Gary Gerth then convened a public hearing on a special exception application for the Tolkin residence.

The owner of the house on Charlie’s Lane wants one bedroom and one bath added to the house. It was learned that the Planning Board had given its approval to the 231 square-foot addition and that the addition is “very green.”

Board members also discussed the necessity to find a new highway superintendent to replace Jay Card Jr. who is leaving public office in April.

Town Board members agreed to look at candidates after an ad is placed in the newspaper.

Members also agreed to interview everyone as a full board. Councilman Jim Colligan said he hoped  a new superintendent will be identified by February.