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Year in Review: 2018 brought changes to Dering Harbor

MARTIN BURKE PHOTO A foggy morning in Dering Harbor.

Over the next several days, the Reporter will be posting our annual Year In Review series of important stories from 2018.

The Dering Harbor Village Board of Trustees have instituted a number of changes in 2018.

To correct longstanding problems with their water system, the board contracted with the Suffolk County Water Authority for operations and maintenance. A new water tank was installed and exploratory steps are being taken toward replacing faulty wells

Considerable improvement in water quality as well as control of excessive leaks was noted once the new tank was installed.

After public debate, the board changed the name of Shore Road to Harbor Lane to end confusion with the road at Crescent Beach; the new name has been adopted in Google Maps and Waze.

Several village regulations covering such issues as zoning were updated and the full set of village laws is being codified and will eventually be searchable online.

The village’s longstanding highway superintendent, Richie Surozenski, retired this fall after four decades on the job. His departure necessitated a number of changes. The Village ceased trash collection services; residents can now contract for them on their own.

The Village is also working closely with the Town of Shelter Island to have services like snow plowing provided by the town highway department.

In response to concerns about proliferation of deer, a revision was made to the village’s hunting ban, to allow Dering Harbor to participate in the Deer Management Program under the auspices of the Shelter Island Police Department.