What is that?


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Not many people were fooled by the photo in our December 20 issue (see below), since the Country Club at Goat Hill is held dear by most Islanders.

Tom Speeches and Gary Weems wrote to us with the correct answer. Tom noted that the photo shows the “best seat in the house! The octagon outdoor seating area at Goat Hill/Shelter Island Country Club on Sunnyside Drive. Also currently, the home of The Flying Goat Restaurant.”

Cynthia Michalak and Christopher Stone responded to the photo on our website, with Cynthia writing that “the spot has the best views of Shelter Island.”

Kathleen Parsons called, and so did Carl Sabal, from Ephrata, Pennsylvania.

Goat Hill is in the news this week, with the board of directors holding a public meeting to discuss making the country club a nonprofit organization.

Forty years ago, the New York State Department of Outdoor Recreation had tentatively approved a $150,000 grant to assist with the town’s purchase of the club at Goat Hill. But before the grant would be paid, voters would have to approve a resolution to bond $268,000 that would be partially offset by the state money.

Residents were told that if the referendum failed, town officials feared the site would be purchased by a developer for private use.

The referendum, of course, passed. Today the town leases the property to the club for a $1 a year. The club maintains the golf course, while the town has responsibility for maintenance of the clubhouse that also houses The Flying Goat.