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Open and closed trails during hunting season

Deer hunting season on the Island is now open.

As the hunting season progresses, the status of hiking trails that are safe to use changes.

Sachem’s Woods and the Nursery Woodlands Annex are not being used for hunting now, so both are safe to hike, according to Joe Denny who is assisting Animal Control Officer Beau Payne in getting the word out on recreational safety.

Sachem’s can be accessed from a dirt road off Midway Road just north of Jaspa, from Route 114 just to the left of the Islander and  just north of Bob’s Fish Market.

The Nursery Woodlands Annex is accessible from Route 114 to the left side of the driveway across the street from the Islander, and from Manwaring Road on a trail next to the A-frame structures.

A new access point on St. Mary’s Road could be opened soon, Mr. Denny said.

Through the Shelter Island Trail Club, Mr. Denny and his members are working on a system that will inform the public whether or not a hunter is actually on a property.

Sylvester Manor property is being hunted and is not open to hikers, Mr. Denny said.

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