Student self-defense training is expanded

REPORTER FILE PHOTO Junior and senior boys at Shelter Island School took self-defense training in 2017.

Shelter Island School is expanding its self-defense program taught by Sensei Michelle Del Giorno of Sag Harbor’s Epic Martial Arts. The program started with seniors in 2017. This week, it will start with juniors and seniors, and continue in February with lessons aimed at students in grades 9 and 10.

The expansion, encouraged by Board of Education member Kathleen Lynch, is  made possible with funding from the Shelter Island 10K, the Shelter Island PTSA, the Shelter Island Police Benevolent Association, the Lions Club and South Ferry, which contributed  money and ferry tickets.

“We’re not training them to fight, we’re training them to not be victims,” Ms. Lynch said, adding that the program prepares students for the world they will soon enter beyond the relative safety of Shelter Island.

Each class will receive two sessions of training.