A note from the publisher of the Reporter

Dear Reporter reader,
Our mission has long been to provide you with the very best community journalism.

When our sister newspaper, The Suffolk Times, was first printed in 1857, we wrote in our inaugural editorial that we aim to be “above all else, a good newspaper.”

Our talented Reporter staff consistently strives to produce top-quality work that we believe makes a positive difference in your life and in our shared community.

It is our belief that we produce journalism worth paying for, and in order to adapt to new technology and rising production costs, we will be making several changes in the months ahead to the ways we charge for content.

Beginning with this issue, our newsstand price has been increased from $1 to $2, the first raise in nearly 20 years. In the coming months, our home-delivery subscription rate will also increase, to $85 per year.

To minimize the impact of these changes on our readers, we are offering existing print and new subscribers the opportunity, for a limited time, to renew for one year at the existing lower rates.

If you’d like to take advantage of this extension offer, please be sure to contact circulation manager Keysha Terry at (631) 354-8014 or [email protected] before March 29.

You can also mail your renewal request to Times Review Media Group, P.O. Box 1500, Mattituck, NY 11952.

We appreciate your continued loyalty to our newspaper. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me directly at (631) 354-8031 or [email protected]
Andrew Olsen
Publisher, Shelter Island Reporter