What is that?


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Last week’s photo (see below) should have an audio file attached to it with the voice of Highway Superintendent Jay Card Jr. saying, “Please, it’s the Recycling Center.”

The supe has always been diligent to give the place its proper moniker, rather than “the dump,” which several people — our lips are sealed — named it to identify the photo of a couple of bins there.

Young William Marshall called in with the correct answer and Gary Weems wrote to say it was “destinations for certain items.”

Cynthia Michalak was on the money on our website and Richard Loper weighed in correctly on our Facebook page.

Tom Speeches took a trip down memory lane, noting that he and friends once called the Recycling Center “Bowditch Mall, where we got free stuff.”

Brian Sherman, who will take the reins of the Highway Department as superintendent on April 1, is currently crew manager at the Recycling Center.

Congratulations, Brian, and a hearty thank you to you and your crew for keeping the place efficient, user-friendly and tidy.