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Shelter Island Reporter Letters to the Editor


All in
To the Editor:
It’s somewhat typical at Town Hall that one subject runs into another, such as the recent septic system proposal that ties another cost to the sale of a house.

There’s already a 2-percent tax towards buying open space and protecting our water quality.

But what if someone loses a spouse or falls on hard times and has to downsize to a smaller home? They will have to pitch in for two septic systems directly or indirectly. Affordable housing, as I have seen it for a long time, boils down to two realistic options — rental apartments and/or just plain keeping things reasonable enough for people to live here. Let grant money pay for the systems.

My comments to the Town Board (“Brown vs. the Board,” February 14) was intended to prioritize, with the facts, where the highest nitrate counts are first, not the way it was represented in the editorial last week (“Listening and learning,” February 14).

When a random property sale happens, does that tie any facts to any nitrate count? Should a recent, more efficient, regulated septic system be mandated to be replaced before one that is 25 to 50 years old or older?

I also mentioned that the town has a database of ages of houses, and other information, and they should expand on that database. Whatever business I have been in, I am all in for helping the community. But it has to be a reasonable proposal, led by a Town Board, which does not affect the ability to function and stay here, and also has better than a chance that it might work.
Former Shelter Island Town councilman

Positive feelings
To the Editor:
This is to thank Julie Lane for writing about the new “Friendly Visitor” program and the Reporter for giving it front page visibility (“Need a friend, be a friend,” February 14).

We have already garnered four additional volunteers as a result, but we need more to visit the many seniors who could use the comfort of a weekly visit.

This is a great opportunity to volunteer for a one hour a week commitment without taking on a burdensome obligation. It’s guaranteed to produce positive feelings and results for both the visited and visitor.

We hope others — especially some guys — will step up to fill this large Island need. If interested, please call Laurie Fanelli at the Senior Service office: (631)749-1059.
Shelter Island