Around the Island

Students rock the stage during ‘Freeze Frame’

The cast on stage in the school auditorium

Shelter Island School’s 4th and 5th graders hit the stage to present “Freeze Frame” on Wednesday, February 13. Performers spun their way into positions depicting favorite wintertime activities. “Our hosts keep things moving as the celebrity panelists try to guess the action being shown on stage,” said music teacher Deanna Locascio. 

‘Commentators’ Lexi Jernick and Madison Sobejana are assisted by the applause guy Michael Kotula.
The cast, back row, from left, Lucien Madore, Leron Carter, Ben James, Nathan Sanwald, Harry Clark, Daniel Hernandez Rivera, Lionardo Napoles, Leron Carter and Michael Kotula. Middle row, from left, Jamel Saunders, Lexi Jernick, Miranda Marcello, Lauren Gibbs, Madison Sobejana, Elena Schack and Mae Brigham. Front row, from left, Cayman Morehead, Wilson Lones, Ari Waife, Sadie Clark-Green, Dulce Carbajal and Kaden Gibbs.
‘Celebrity contestants’ Lionardo Napoles, Leron Carter and Mae Brigham.
‘Sledding We Will Go’ being performed by Ari Waife, Natalie Fernandez, Nathan Sanwald, Lionardo Napoles, Elena Schack, Harry Clark, Leron Carter, Dulce Carbajal, Madison Sobejana, Lauren Gibbs, Lucien Madore and Mae Brigham.