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Shelter Island Police Department blotter

Shelter Island Police headquarters.

Those named in arrest reports or receiving police summonses have not been convicted of a crime. In court, the charges against them may be reduced or withdrawn or the defendants may be found not guilty.

On March 10, a car driven by Logan M. Librett of Shelter Island was traveling southbound on North Midway Road when he failed to keep the car in the right lane.

The vehicle veered off the roadway, hitting a small embankment. The car then spun sideways and struck two trees, sustaining extensive damage. A tree on the property of Frank Bonaccorso was damaged. Mr. Librett was transported by Shelter Island Emergency Medical Services (SIEMS) to Eastern Long Island Hospital.

Logan M. Librett was ticketed for speed not reasonable and prudent, as well as failure to keep right, resulting in the accident listed above.

Karen C. Mitchell of Mattituck received a summons on March 5 on North Ferry Road for having an uninspected motor vehicle.

Victor Montenegro Del Cid of Southold was ticketed on March 8 on School Street for speeding in a school zone, unlicensed operation and speeding 34 mph in a 15 mph zone. Subsequent to further investigation, his car was impounded under the Suffolk County Seizure Law for a prior conviction for unlicensed operation.

Erin McHugh of South Dartmouth, Massachusetts received a summons on March 10 for improper/no signal on North Ferry Road.

Police conducted distracted driving enforcement in the Center on March 5. On that date, a Hay Beach caller reported a landscape trailer, lawnmower and miscellaneous items left on town property. Police contacted the equipment’s owner who removed all items by the end of the day.

A criminal trespass was reported in Hay Beach that day.

Police instructed D.A.R.E. lesson to the 5th grade on March 6. Lunch with an officer was conducted with the 3rd grade on that day.

Police opened an investigation after a caretaker reported unknown persons had entered a Center location without permission. The investigation revealed it was non-criminal.

On March 7, an officer provided D.A.R.E. instruction to the 7th and 5th grades.

A Center caller complained of a suspect entering a store on March 7; the owner did not want the subject in the store. Police located the suspect nearby and informed him that any further trespass would result in arrest.

A caller reported a vehicle in the Center failing to maintain lane on March 7. An officer located the vehicle and determined that the operator displayed no signs of intoxication.

On March 8, the detective/sergeant and an officer opened a confidential investigation into alleged drug activity within the jurisdiction.

Police conducted distracted driving enforcement in the Center on March 9.

On March 11, police were called to a Silver Beach residence by a person reporting banging either in the next room or outside of the residence. Police checked inside and outside the house with negative results.

A dead raccoon was reported in the Center on March 5. The Shelter Island Highway Department (SIHD) was notified and removed it.

A Center caller reported an injured deer on March 6. The deer was dispatched and removed from the location.

On March 9, a caller reported a possibly injured seal on a rock at a Ram Island location. Police and the animal control officer found a young seal approximately 30 feet from the water. The officers were able to assist the seal, which had no apparent injuries, back to the water without incident.

While on patrol on March 10 an officer observed a DOA deer at a Cartwright location. SIHD was notified for removal.

A Hay Beach caller reported on March 11 finding corn feed at the rear property line the day before. Police and animal control officers investigated the sight where the corn was eaten. No signs of hunting were noted but the animal control officer will monitor the area. Police advised the caller to place no trespassing signs on the property.

A Harborview caller reported a dog without a required muzzle on March 11; the animal control officer was notified and will follow up.

SIEMS responded to two calls for assistance and transported two patients to Eastern Long Island Hospital.

On March 5, a fire alarm in Silver Beach coming from a first floor heat sensor was activated. A police officer and Fire Chief Anthony Reiter found the residence under renovation. There were no problems inside.

March 5, a West Neck residence had an activated alarm. The caretaker notified police that it was accidental.

On March 6, a residential alarm was activated for a rear bathroom window at a Ram Island location. A responding officer found an unlocked slider door at the rear of residence, searched and found no obvious sign of criminal activity.

A Hay Beach alarm was activated on March 7 by a caretaker who incorrectly entered the pass code.