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HBO night filming
To the Editor:
While movie making and movie stars may seem glamorous, the reality is rather different.

As a person who has worked in the film industry for 25-plus years, I’d like to give you all a little information regarding the proposed HBO project.

Everyone is always surprised about how much time, how many people, trucks and equipment it takes to shoot something seemingly so simple. The mentioned helicopter will be flying for hours in May when, hopefully all our windows will be opened to a lovely spring night.

A production of this profile requires dozens and dozens of vehicles, including tractor-trailer sized “working trucks.” These are hooked up to noisy stand-alone generators that provide power. These generators are kept on the entire time. Night shooting can require large lighting units that will probably be in conflict with our dark skies policies.

The fee of possibly $15,000 for three days of shooting and two days of prep and wrap is on the low side. The production has also been scouting on the South Fork — presumably those communities have turned them down.

I trust the board and this community to do what’s right for all of us. Hopefully this insight is helpful in making a decision.
Shelter Island

Read all about it
To the Editor:
Last week’s letters need a response.

First to the Voigt family, our Midway Road neighbors, our deepest sympathy, and thank you for your letter regarding our EMS crew.

Second, to Mr. Brooks. that was a peach of a letter, thank you.

Third, to Mr. Ruby: It would be good if you could get some facts together. I would be happy to give them to you.

The last sentence of your letter: Yes, we are a drop-in, destination place, for lack of better words, and have been for centuries.

Short-term rentals (STRs) don’t affect affordable housing. The affordable housing issue is not growing; it has been here for a long time. How many people have actually applied for affordable housing?

Another question: How many employees of the town own their own homes, how many are in rental properties? You may be surprised. It would be smart if the town proposed a “community housing project;” they have the land to do this. They now own the apartment building next to Town Hall, so this should not be an issue. Funding should not be a problem.

You seem to be aghast at the rental prices for summer 2019, whether airbnb, Hot Pads, Home Away from Home and others. There is a home listed for $250,000 on Shelter Island and one for $12 million.

There will be a tenant for both homes and the tenants will be happy to be here. For those who cannot afford the time or the money to do either, they are happy to do a STR. Please do your due diligence and check on the fees that the owners of STR’s charge. They are not raking in mega bucks, just a few dollars to cover some ownership expenses. The law that’s been imposed on these owners is a travesty. It needs to be thrown out. You might want to get a copy of the application. Have you seen one?

Mr. Brooks said it all. And check out my letter from a few weeks back.

By the way, Happy St. Paddy’s Day. Thinking about my trips to Ireland, that’s where airbnb started. And STR’s before that. Traveling through Ireland and staying at private homes, amazing. May the wind be always at your back!
Shelter Island
— Editor’s Note: Airbnb started in San Francisco. Irish B&Bs are not characterized as STRs since an owner is on the property and provides a room and breakfast.