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County expert on septic grants to speak at Tuesday work session

Suffolk County wastewater expert Justin Jobin will be speaking at Tuesday’s Town Board work session about revisions to the grant program because  New York State has allotted money to assist property owners in upgrading to the nitrogen-reducing I/A systems. The county is administering both its own and the state’s grant money.

While Shelter Island has its own grant program, residents can apply for all grants, with the town filling the gap between what other grants cover and the cost of installation of the systems.

Mr. Jobin could be questioned about the issue of recipients receiving tax bills for the grant money, something that has been discussed locally, but is still not resolved. It has become a major issue, since many recipients of the county grants received 1099 forms holding them responsible for paying taxes on the grants.

The meeting in Town Hall is at 1 p.m. Tuesday.

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