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A mural of morals

“It represents diversity, kindness, loyalty and trust, values shared by the Shelter Island community,” said Superintendent Christine Finn.

Ms. Finn was referring to the new mural by Island artist Peter Walder that adorns a wall in the elementary wing of Shelter Island School. Mr. Walder painted the mural during the school’s week-long February break.

“One of our teachers saw a similar mural and we thought, what a great idea. We brought it to Peter and he said, ‘Let’s do our own thing unique to Shelter Island,’” said Ms. Finn.

The super said Mr. Waldner put careful thought into what each letter and image could depict. Some of the images directly represent the Island, like a message of encouragement with “yes you can” for Y with a baseball player wearing the school’s team uniform. Then there’s the Island itself alongside X, saying “X marks the spot.

“It’s just so beautiful and incredible. We are so grateful to have a man with such talent to create something for us and the Shelter Island community,” Ms. Finn said.