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Step up and house a Buck — $400 plus free $900 kids baseball camp


We’ve made plenty of progress finding housing for the 2019 Shelter Island Bucks, but that’s not the same as crossing home plate.

We’re still seven beds short, so help us out here, everybody. Bucks are coming from Pennsylvania, North Carolina, California, New Jersey, Texas, Tennessee, Wisconsin and all over America. They’ll be here soon. We’re close to hearing, “Play ball!”

The Hamptons Collegiate Baseball League has gone some distance to make the deal sweeter than it used to be. They’ve added a stipend — $200 for each month to host families, or $400 altogether, which may not be a huge amount, but it’s far from peanuts. Plus hosts get free admission to a baseball camp, a $900 value, for any youngster in the family.

All each Bucks player needs is a room to sleep in and access to the kitchen and laundry. You can do much more or nothing more as you choose. In truth, and I know this because I’ve hosted every season since the beginning, it’s hard to remember they’re actually there, because they’re gone most of the time. But hosting makes going to a game that much more fun.

If you live alone as I do, it’s great to have a 6-footer around to change a light bulb. I admit, you have to ask three times, but that’s only because they’re college students, which means their heads are usually elsewhere. Actually, I’ve found them to be more than willing and helpful.

So get on board, Islanders. We need your help. If two months feels like too heavy a commitment, take someone for one month and we’ll find someone for the other.

We know how generous you’ve all been. But we need more than money now, we need your help.