Around the Island

Richard’s almanac: Island update

Mr. Lomuscio briefs readers on Island happenings.

I had a pretty varied week welcoming the month of May.

It actually started last Sunday with a gathering at Jennifer Corwin’s house on West Neck Road. Jennifer and Jean Lawless hatched a plan to get a small group of Islanders who represented differing political persuasions to talk about their views on what is happening in the country today. They did not search for answers but rather shared their views about the polarizing problems of our government.

There were seven participants and we each had five minutes to express our concerns about the direction the country seemed to be going these days. One member praised the president while another reviled him. One member talked about how the political polarity was causing rifts in families. Another member called for a more definitive moral direction for the country. The issue of racism was also pointed out as a problem.

Were there any conclusions? Only that dialogue and an open mind are necessary components of compromise. Everyone agreed that more discussion was necessary. I suggest contacting Jennifer if you’d like to continue this type of discussion. It’s beneficial to everyone.

Meanwhile I went to a meeting of the Senior Citizen Foundation last Thursday. I am the secretary. I would also like to stress once again that the Foundation is a self-sustaining independent organization. It is dedicated to improving the quality of life for all Island seniors. It is not affiliated with the Town. The Town runs the Senior Center which is under the leadership of Director Laurie Fanelli.

Mrs. Fanelli came to the Foundation meeting and asked for help for a new 24-passenger bus with the capability to carry two wheelchairs. She said that the bus the Center has now breaks down a great deal and “we need a new one.” The hope would be to use the bus for jitney services for seniors around the Island. The cost would be some $75,000.

The Foundation voted to set aside $50,000 toward the bus, hoping that the balance would come from various fundraising methods and the Town. A wine-tasting event will be sponsored this summer to raise the balance of the funds.

On another subject, I spent part of the week trying to get rid of a boat. I bought this boat new about 10 years ago and had fun with the grandkids in it. It’s a 16-foot dory with a 15-hp engine. Two years ago I gave the boat to my daughter and her family. Well, they have had it. Lots of work and not enough fun. They’d rather use paddle boards and kayaks.

So I advertised the boat and trailer on WLNG’s “Swap and Shop.” I received six calls. Two seemed very serious. At the time. No one came. I think that some people just call to talk to someone. I waited all day Thursday for a guy who sounded so serious. Nothing.

It turns out that a former student of mine is interested and is coming out on Sunday. We’ll see.