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The Reporter’s Amy Cerullo: The Buzz Chew girl

Amy Cerullo and her children Joey and Kyla.

The Reporter recently discovered that its advertising executive Amy Cerullo​ moonlights as “The Buzz Chew Girl.” We caught up with her to find out what it’s like to be the star of the auto dealer’s commercials.

How did you become the Buzz Chew Girl? 

I worked for a radio station in advertising, did multiple voice overs and had a radio show. Yes, a multitasking single mother. The producer for the commercials reached out to the station and asked me to meet with him. We met in Sag Harbor for a coffee and he offered me the job on the spot.

What do you with/for Buzz Chew?

I am simply a spokesperson. I don’t work for them and never have. Although I buy all my cars from them and always will. They are a pretty special company. My commercials are true, as cheesy as they are, and we like it that way. I truly mean what I am saying. Except for the ones that I say I never met Buzz. I have met him and he is a great guy.  

Have you done similar work before?

I worked in radio and have spoken at domestic violence conventions and have been a spokesperson for the Retreat. But never on TV until this.

How long have you been in the commercials?

My God, I can’t even believe I am saying this but I think it’s been six years now. Wow, I can’t even believe it’s been that long. 

What is it like to shoot the commercials?

So fun! A little nerve-racking, but fun. The producer has become a great friend of mine along with the crew. We sometimes film a few times a year and they really go the extra mile to make sure I’m comfortable. We film at a private studio in Hampton Bays and the first time I went there I was so nervous because it was in the woods. I called my friend who knows the producer very well and said, “Are you sure this is safe?” She laughed and I went there and she was totally right. They were the nicest, most professional crew. Other times we film at the dealership which, LOL, is quite different. People come to watch and it makes me so nervous. 


I used to get sooooo nervous. Now, I am more comfortable, but will never ever get used to seeing myself on camera. I have never actually watched a full commercial. 

How do you prepare for the shoots?

I do my own hair and my own makeup. Sometimes my girlfriend that owns a boutique in Southampton called Therapy Clothing will style me up before I go with new clothes. I am not a fashionista! I definitely need the help.  

My kids die when we are in the grocery store or in a restaurant and someone will say, “Hey are you the Buzz Chew girl?”  I’ve been asked for my autograph and have had some serious recognition from these commercials. I think to myself “What?” I’m  just a mom, why would you want my autograph?