What is that?


If you know, let us know. Send your responses to [email protected] or phone (631) 749-1000, extension 354.

The site near the flagpole on Brander Parkway across from the Silver Beach lagoon produces one of the great double-take moments on the Island (see below).


Peter Beardsley sent us an email, deciphering what’s what: “Not sure if it is a Dyer Dhow or some other hybrid rowing/sailing dinghy with a skeg, but it fills a hole in a yard leading to 56 Brander Parkway.”

Tom Speeches called and said that the scene is “just to the left of the old Payne Residence,” and young William Marshall also gave us a call with the correct answer.

Gary Weems wrote that it is “an upside down dinghy, that looks like it has seen better days.”

Richard Loper correctly identified the photo on our Facebook page. Kathryn O’Hagan also used Facebook to ID the beached Silver Beach boat.