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Shelter Island Police Department blotter


Those named in arrest reports or receiving police summonses have not been convicted of a crime. In court, the charges against them may be reduced or withdrawn or the defendants may be found not guilty.

On May 18, Aidan L. Monti, 23, of Shelter Island, was arrested for a local bench warrant issued from Shelter Island Justice Court. He was taken to Justice Court where he was subsequently released on his own recognizance and given a court date to appear.

The Ram’s Head Inn owners were given a summons for unreasonable volume of noise by a band on May 18. A neighbor had complained of loud music from a wedding reception.

On May 19, Thibaut Royer of Larchmont was ticketed off Crescent Beach for having insufficient personal flotation devices for himself and two children under 12 using paddleboards.

Angel L. Enrique of East Hampton received a summons on South Ferry Road on May 14 for having inadequate stop lamps and unlicensed operation.

On May 20, Hipolito Torres Rosales of Silver Spring, Maryland was ticketed on New York Avenue for no seat belt.

Lars S. Korby of New Suffolk was given a summons on Manwaring Road on May 20 for failure to stop at a stop sign.

Other Reports
On May 14, construction vehicles were reported blocking the North Ferry lane. Police spoke with the project manager and advised that any further complaints would be referred to the Building Department and they would proceed with a stop work order. The manager said he would have all vehicles comply.

On May 16, the D.A.R.E. prom/graduation program on celebrating safely was presented to grades 9-12.

Police officers conducted annual training on the Mobile Command Post on May 16.

A West Neck caller reported on May 16 an unwanted subject entering the premises and possibly using the facilities. The subject was asked to leave the premises and did so without incident.

A Heights caller reported on May 16 an unwanted person on the property. The suspect had been advised by the caller he was not authorized or welcome. An affidavit of trespass was to be signed by the caller.

On May 17 and 20, officers completed marine training with Bay Constable Labrozzi.

A Heights caller complained on May 17 of approximately 20 trees cut on his property by a neighbor. The caller did not wish any police action and stated both parties would work out a settlement to replace them.

On May 20, a West Neck caller reported an unwanted person on the grounds during an event.

A Heights caller reported trespassing at two residences on May 20.

On May 20, police opened an investigation regarding numerous complaints lodged against a subject.

A Silver Beach complainant reported May 20 that a subject entered onto his property without permission; an affidavit of trespass was signed.

Police conducted distracted driving enforcement in the Center on May 14-15. Radar enforcement was conducted in the Center on May 15. Distracted driving enforcement was conducted in the Center May 17, 18, 19 and 20. Radar enforcement was conducted in the Heights on May 18 and 20.

A gathering of youths in the Hay Beach area was observed on May 17. Police noted numerous youths flee the area, then located a small group setting up a small campfire. Officers advised the group to put out the fire and clean up the area. The youths complied without incident.

On May 17, police assisted a person whose medical alert pendant was activated; a lift from floor to walker was provided.

A lift assist from stairs to vehicle was provided to a caller on May 18.

Police responded to a request for assistance from a caller whose son had missed the last North Ferry boat on May 18. The juvenile was escorted to the South Ferry.

Police conducted a well-being check on May 18 after a Hay Beach caller saw the neighbor’s dog running down the road. Police checked and found no problems.

Police escorted a caller from Hay Beach to her residence on May 18.

An escort was provided to a male from Bridge Street to The Pridwin Hotel on May 18.

Police investigated a report of a girl screaming for a short period of time on May 19. Police canvassed the area in the Center and the school field with negative results.

An individual walked into police headquarters on May 20 to surrender firearms and ammo for destruction.

Animal Incidents
An injured turkey was reported in Menantic on May 14; the Animal Control Officer dispatched and removed it.

On May 14, a dog was reported at large in the Center. Officers canvassed the area with no results.

A dead raccoon was reported at Crescent Beach on May 15; the Shelter Island Highway Department was notified and removed it.

A pit bull was reported at large in Hilo on May 18. The dog was retrieved and returned to its owner.

Marine Incidents
After a vessel inspection in Silver Beach on May 18, a kayak operator was given a warning for not carrying approved personal flotation devices.

A vessel was stopped in Silver Beach on May 19 for no visible New York State registration sticker. The owner did have sticker but had not affixed it.

On May 15, a fire alarm was activated in West Neck. Shelter Island Fire Department was on the scene. The caretaker and Fire Chief Earl Reiter located a burning electrical smell coming from a bathroom exhaust fan, which was disconnected and removed.

On May 18, a living room smoke alarm was activated on Ram Island. Police found the owner present who stated that he had accidentally activated the alarm while replacing batteries.

Aided Cases
Shelter Island Emergency Medical Services responded to five calls for assistance, on May 15, 17 and 18. Five patients were transported to Eastern Long Island Hospital.