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Shelter Island Police Department blotter


Those named in arrest reports or receiving police summonses have not been convicted of a crime. In court, the charges against them may be reduced or withdrawn or the defendants may be found not guilty.

Donna J. Anderson, 55, of Shelter Island was stopped by police on May 22 on Ward Road for an insufficient turn signal and moving from lane. Upon further investigation, the defendant was arrested for aggravated driving while intoxicated and driving while intoxicated first offense. The defendant was processed, held overnight and arraigned at Justice Court. She was released on her own recognizance.

On May 23, Emory M. Breiner of Shelter Island was arrested and charged with criminal impersonation in the second degree, harassment in the second degree and resisting arrest. A restraint order was issued for the alleged victim. He was released on his own recognizance with orders to return to court at a later date.

Taylor Tybaert, 18, of Shelter Island was arrested on May 24 and charged with 3rd-degree assault as a result of an investigation. The defendant was arraigned in Justice Court where he was released on his own recognizance, directed to return at a later date and served an order of protection on behalf of the victim.

David P. Shepherd, 20, of Shelter Island was arrested for unlawful possession of marijuana on May 27 on Grand Avenue subsequent to a traffic stop for failure to keep right. He was issued an appearance ticket to appear at Justice Court at a later date and released on his own recognizance.

Owen T. Cunningham, 20, of Shelter Island was stopped on May 27 for driving with less than two head lamps. Subsequent to further investigation, he was found in possession of marijuana and determined to be driving while ability impaired by drugs. He was arraigned at Justice Court where he was released on his own recognizance and directed to return at a later date.

On May 21, Otto Xot of Flanders was ticketed on Manwaring Road for operating a motor vehicle while using a non-hands-free portable electronic device, unlicensed operation and not having a clearly visible license plate.

Stephen Mendonca of Brooklyn received a summons on May 22 on West Neck Road for having an uninspected motor vehicle.

Babu Sheikh of Bay Shore was ticketed on Manwaring Road on May 24 for having inadequate lights.

Esteban F. Arboleda of New York City was ticketed on May 25 on New York Avenue for having an unregistered and uninspected motor vehicle. Three drivers received summonses on May 25 for uninspected motor vehicles:

Ashley M. Karpeh of Shelter Island on Smith Street; R.B. Allardice of Sag Harbor on North Ferry Road, and Thomas J. Lenzer of Shelter Island on West Thomas Street.

Leon Esker of Sag Harbor was given a summons on May 26 for having insufficient personal flotation devices aboard his vessel off Crescent Beach.

A deer ran onto a Center roadway on May 21, striking a moving vehicle. There were no damages to the vehicle or occupant injuries reported. Police dispatched the injured deer and notified the Shelter Island Highway Department for removal.

A Hay Beach caller reported that her vehicle had been parked along Menhaden Lane on May 27 and later noticed damage to the vehicle.

Other Reports
Police conducted radar enforcement in the Center on May 21 and 25.

Distracted driving enforcement was conducted in the Center May 22 and 25.

On May 22 the kindergarten class had lunch with an officer.

A Ram Island caller on May 24 reported an intoxicated couple leaving a location and attempting to drive. The party had already left the location with an unknown mode of transportation when police arrived.

Police responded to a complaint from West Neck on May 24 of loud music and yelling. Officers spoke with a person at the scene who turned off the music and moved inside. Police advised them of the local noise ordinance if the noise persists. The location is a short-term rental property.

Following a report of verbal harassment at Fiske Field on May 25, police interviewed the suspect and warned him if the complainant pressed charges he would be under arrest for his verbal threats. The complainant did not to wish to press charges, but asked to report the incident to police.

On May 25 a caller reported loud music coming from SALT’s Shipwreck Bar. The owner agreed to end the music for the night. A noise complaint the following night was investigated and officers concluded that the noise was not in violation of the Town Code.

A complainant reported loud music from Sunset Beach Restaurant and Bar on May 26. Officers responded but were unable to conduct a noise investigation due to wind speeds in excess of 12 mph. The manager was advised of the complaint and asked to lower the volume.

Officers responded to a second call that night and did not deem the noise unreasonable. The manager was advised and asked to keep the volume low.

Following a complaint of loud music from a vessel anchored off Crescent Beach on May 27, police advised the captain of the noise ordinance and the volume was lowered.

Aided Cases
Shelter Island Emergency Medical Services responded to two calls for assistance on May 22, one each on May 24, 25, 26 and two on May 27. All patients were transported to Eastern Long Island Hospital.

On May 24 a fire alarm was activated at a Center location. An employee stated it was due to dust from construction.

An alarm was activated May 25 by burnt food in a kitchen in Dering Harbor. Shelter Island Fire Chief Earl Reiter was on the scene and advised it was a false alarm.

Marine Incidents
On May 24, a caller reported three subjects launching an inflatable boat off Silver Beach, expressing concern for their safety due to high wind. Police and bay constable responded and found all required equipment and paperwork in place.

On May 24, a West Neck caller reported a seaplane came over the land at a very low altitude and then landed. The caller stated she also made a call to the company to report this. The seaplane was gone on arrival.

On patrol on May 25 in West Neck, a bay constable noticed a child not wearing a personal flotation device (PFD). A vessel inspection was performed and warnings issued for a child not wearing PFD, no throwable device and no signal flares.

A paddle board operator was given a warning off Silver Beach for not having the required PFDs on May 26.

Several vessels were stopped for not having registration stickers displayed. It was determined that the owners had the stickers but had not yet affixed them.

A Hilo caller reported a white vessel with a black outboard chasing two swans on May 26. The bay constable investigated but could not locate the vessel.

Animal Incidents
On May 26, an officer on patrol observed two cows walking west on Manwaring Road. He was able to corral them onto Sylvester Manor property. Once on the property, the cows started down a path and the officer was unable to follow them. He then searched the property for any other loose cows with negative results. Sylvester Manor staff were notified and said they would attempt to locate the cows.

This week, a deer, two raccoons and a groundhog (all deceased) were reported to police, who notified the Highway Department for removal.

Three dogs at large were reported and police were able to reunite them with their owners.