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Shelter Island Police Department blotter


Those named in arrest reports or receiving police summonses have not been convicted of a crime. In court, the charges against them may be reduced or withdrawn or the defendants may be found not guilty.


On June 2, Matthew R. Jankite, 30, of Shelter Island was arrested for driving with a revoked New York State driver’s license.

William F. Sinchi, 34, of Corona, Queens, and Luis R. Gordillo, 29, of New York City were arrested for trespass on June 2.


On June 2, Angel P. Chiqui of Corona was ticketed by the bay constable off Bootleggers Alley for taking 63 porgies, 33 over the limit.


A vehicle belonging to Tracy S. Lovatt of New York City parked on Menhaden Lane was sideswiped on May 27, causing damage exceeding $1,000. Damage to the other vehicle is unknown because the driver fled the scene.

On May 28, in the IGA parking lot a parked vehicle operated by Emma A. Goodale of Greenport was struck by a vehicle operated by Nery J. Perezmonzon of Shelter Island. The parked vehicle had damage in excess of $1,000. There was no damage to the moving vehicle.

Aided Cases

The Shelter Island Emergency Medical Services responded to calls for assistance on May 28 and 31, June 1 and 3. Patients were transported to Eastern Long Island Hospital.


On May 28 and 29 motion alarms were accidentally activated at Center locations.

On May 29 after an alarm indicated carbon monoxide (CO) at a Ram Island residence, Shelter Island Fire Department (SIFD) determined the alarm was likely from a recent power surge, which triggered another CO alarm at a Center location on the same day.

On May 31, a Center smoke detector was activated due to a malfunction; the SIFD was on the scene.

On June 1, a CO alarm activated at a Center location was determined by SIFD to be a false alarm caused by low batteries.