Gerstenlauer steps in as interim school supe for one month

Allan Gerstenlauer will serve as interim superintendent of the Shelter Island School District for July, overseeing the summer school program and beginning work preparing for the fall term.

On August 1, former Shelter Island social studies teacher Brian Doelger will return to the district as superintendent, replacing Christine Finn.

The Board of Education invited Mr. Gerstenlauer — a Shelter Island resident — to take the interim job, explaining that although it could be for a short term, the amount of work needed to be done through the summer required an experienced superintendent at the helm.

“I’m not a very good benchwarmer,” Mr. Gerstenlauer said about his activist approach to the short-term job. He has spoken with Ms. Finn about priorities that have been important to her and aims to sustain them, he said.

He served as superintendent in the Longwood School District from 2005 to 2012 before retiring, and has since served in interim posts in Amagansett and Tuckahoe.

But his association with Longwood dates back to 1974 when he first joined that district as a social studies teacher.

He’s a leader, he said, who wants the community to know his door will be open to address whatever questions or concerns they have during his tenure.

And just as Ms. Finn has been helping to prepare him, he will be available to share information with Mr. Doelger.