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Shelter Island Police Department blotter


Those named in arrest reports or receiving police summonses have not been convicted of a crime. In court, the charges against them may be reduced or withdrawn or the defendants may be found not guilty.

Emil A. Kratzman, 57, of Greenwich, Connecticut was stopped on July 5 for having inadequate lights on his vehicle and an officer determined that he was intoxicated. He was arrested, held overnight and later arraigned before Justice Court where he was released on his own recognizance and directed to return at a later date.

On July 6, Michael G. Moniaros, 45, of Brooklyn was arrested and charged with driving while ability impaired after he was stopped at a DWI-Traffic Safety check point on South Ferry Road. He was processed at police headquarters and released on an appearance ticket and directed to return at a later date.

On July 2, Judith F. Hole of New York City was driving north when she struck a vehicle owned by Maureen E. Daly of Long Beach, parked on Grand Avenue. The parked car sustained damage to the driver’s side and the driver’s side mirror was ripped off. The other car sustained damage on the passenger side. The cost of damages was undetermined.

On July 2, Joseph R. Kerry of New York City hit a dirt embankment while entering the IGA parking lot, causing damage to his moped. The driver was to notify police if damage exceeded $1,000.

John C. Kimmelmann Sr. of Shelter Island was issued a summons in June 27 for failure to use due care causing serious personal injury, in a collision with a bicycle on Lake Drive.

On July 4, Susan Donlon of Brooklyn was ticketed on Ram Island Road for speeding 45 mph in a 35 mph zone.

On July 5, Avazbek Kamalov of Silver Spring, Maryland received a summons for failure to stop at a stop sign on West Neck Road.

On July 5, Renato T. Santos was ticketed on North Ferry Road for inadequate/no stop lamps and having an uninspected motor vehicle.

Collin L. Hindt of Canton, Georgia received a summons on Shore Road on July 5 for having non-transparent side windows.

Thomas P. Dabb of Plainfield, New Jersey was ticketed on Manwaring Road on July 5 for failure to stop at a stop sign.

Xavier Bonilla-Alfalla of Shelter Island received a ticket on Sunnyside Avenue on July 6 for speed not reasonable and prudent.

Ethan P. Klaris of Hanover, New Hampshire was ticketed on July 6 on North Ferry Road for failure to stop at a stop sign and having an unregistered motor vehicle.

Juan C. Vargas of East Hampton was ticketed on July 7 for driving to the left of pavement markings on North Ferry Road.

Aasifali I. Versi of Morristown, New Jersey was ticketed on New York Avene on July 7 for speeding 43 mph in a 25 mph zone.

Harold Giraldo Perez of Hampton Bays was ticketed on July 8 for having unclear license plates, uninspected vehicle and unlicensed operation.

On July 1, Stephanie J. Bucalo of Shelter Island was ticketed for permitting dogs to bark continuously for 15 minutes. Summonses were also issued to her on July 3 for allowing dogs to bark continuously for 30 minutes, and on July 4 for allowing numerous dogs to bark continuously for 15 minutes. A ticket issued on July 7 stated that the defendant allowed numerous dogs to bark continuously for 15 minutes, committing six violations of the town code in 90 minutes.

Douglas Q. Gray of Fort Lauderdale, Florida was ticketed for imprudent speed causing a wake in South Ferry Channel on July 7.

Max J. McAvoy of Wilmington, North Carolina was ticketed on July 6 for failure to carry a registration certificate and having expired flares in his vessel, off Crescent Beach.

Rudis Daniel of Brentwood was ticketed off Reel Point on July 5 for having no recreational marine registration.

Robert Young of New Canaan, Connecticut was ticketed on July 6, in Menantic Creek for insufficient PFDs.

Other Reports
Radar enforcement was conducted in the Heights on July 1 and in the Center on July 7. Police conducted distracted driving enforcement in the Center on July 8.

On July 2, a caller reported a child threw a rock at his vehicle in West Neck, causing minor damage. Police interviewed both parties.

After a report of a possible environmental issue in the Cartwright area on July 3, police advised the caller to contact the Department of Environmental Conservation if she wanted to report such an issue.

On July 3, a caller reported a truck had driven on the shoulder of a Dering Harbor roadway, collapsing a PSEG utility box. Police advised the complainant to contact Christian Johnson who handles public works for Dering Harbor Village. He was able to pull the truck out of the ditch. PSEG was notified for repair. Mr. Johnson covered the hole with plywood and police coned and taped off the area.

Following a report on July 4 that a person had left trash on his neighbor’s property, an officer interviewed the person, who explained that he was visiting and said that he would pick up the trash and apologize to the neighbor.

On July 5, a complainant said he was hearing loud noises as well as threatening comments at a Center location. Police interviewed the persons who had made the comments and advised them to refrain from communications with the complainant in the future.

On July 5, a complainant came to police headquarters to document a trespass. An affidavit of trespass was signed, notarized by D/Sgt. Thilberg. The suspect was notified of the affidavit.

Police documented a report of property damage in Hay Beach on July 5. The victim reported that he found the rear of his vehicle damaged. Police interviewed a suspect and recorded the damage.

On July 5 a caller reported a person on multiple dates attempting to play golf on a course after the hours of operation. The caller reported there had been a verbal altercation. An affidavit of trespass was signed and the suspect notified.

On July 6 police were called to South Ferry to respond to a verbal altercation between a driver and employee over vessel boarding procedures. Upon arrival, the dispute had been worked out.

A complainant told police on July 7 that a vehicle had failed to stop at a four-way intersection. The complainant then followed that vehicle to the Heights, where he proceeded to yell at the driver. Police responded and after following the driver who was the subject of the complaint, observed no violations.

An anonymous caller reported individuals playing basketball in the Center on July 8, causing a noise disturbance. Police advised the players that the park was closed and advised them to go home; they complied.

Criminal mischief was reported in the Center on July 8 after someone keyed the complainant’s truck, causing damage to several panels. Pictures were uploaded to iCrimefighter.

Aided cases
Shelter Island Emergency Medical Services (SIEMS) responded to eleven calls for assistance between July 1 and July 7. Nine patients were transported to Eastern Long Island Hospital, one to Southampton Hospital and one to Klenawicus Field for air transport to Stony Brook University Hospital.

After a carbon monoxide (CO) alarm was activated in a Center residence on July 1, the Shelter Island Fire Department (SIFD) responded and searched, finding no signs of CO. It was deemed a false alarm.

On July 4, police responded to a fire alarm activated by a small fire in a West Neck kitchen. A SIFD chief was on the scene and said the alarm was appropriate.

On July 4, a CO alarm was activated in the Center. A chief deemed it appropriate.

On July 6, at a Shorewood residence a smoke alarm was activated. SIFD Chief Earl Reiter stated it was a false alarm.

An alarm was activated on July 6 in a Tarkettle residence due to a gas line malfunction in the kitchen. SIFD was on the scene and determined it to be appropriate.

Animal Incidents
A dead cat was reported at the high tide mark in Silver Beach on July 2. After an officer determined it to be a dead raccoon, Shelter Island Highway Department (SIHD) was notified for removal.

On July 5, a caller reported seeing a large brown cat believed to be wild, in the Hay Beach area. Animal Control Officer Beau Payne was notified.

After an injured raccoon was reported in the Center on July 6, police dispatched it and notified SIHD.

A report of a possible dead dog in a Center roadway on July 7 proved to be a large dead raccoon.

After a report of a fox trapped in fencing in Silver Beach on July 8, an officer freed and released the fox.

Marine Incidents
A report July 3 that the water taxi was observed carrying more than six passengers was investigated. The operator was advised of the rules for passenger limits, as well as the need to have personal flotation devices on all passengers under 12 before they board.

A marine unit responded to a swimmer in distress being swept away by the tide off Crescent Beach on July 4. The bay constable retrieved the swimmer and returned him to his boat.

On July 4, a boat owned by David Alan Schimmel of New York City broke from its anchorage in Dering Harbor and swept down on a second boat, belonging to Daniel Zlotnick of St. James, becoming entangled in its lines, then both boats swept down on a third vessel. There were no injuries but the owner of the third boat, David J. Kiel of Hewlett, claims damage to his hull that will exceed $1,000.

Police were called on July 4 to report a boater causing a wake in West Neck Creek by exceeding the 5 mph speed limit.

On July 6, Shelter Island Police and Southold had a joint response to several calls of an unoccupied boat driving in circles in West Neck and a subject in the water screaming for help. Police called out the bay constable, SIFD, SIEMS, SI Dive Team and U.S. Coast Guard to assist in the search and rescue. While searching, police received a report that the missing subject had made his way to a family residence and was uninjured. There were no other persons on board. The Shelter Island and Southold marine units were able to locate and secure the boat.

Traffic Control Officers
74 parking tickets were written this week.