What is that?


If you know, let us know. Send your responses to [email protected] or phone (631) 749-1000, extension 354.

Tom Speeches was Johnny-on-the-spot — again — identifying last week’s mystery photo (see below).


Tom emailed us: “The photo was taken on the Manhansett or possibly the Menantic [the latter is the boat in question]. Both have the same type of seating for passengers crossing on the North Ferry. This picture shows the bright sunlight coming through the windows and bright reflections on the wooden benches, so much so that it looks like bright yellow lights within. But nope, it’s Mother Nature at her best!”

Mallory Samson and Melissa Monteforte from Brooklyn wrote to us with the correct ID, and J.D. Pribor obviously has fond memories, writing: “The perfect place to take a load off while you cruise across the channel from Greenport to Shelter Island.”

Several Facebook friends responded, including Phyllis Gates, Pepe Martinez, Christopher Stone and Mignolia Payano. Don Young also called to weigh in.

Smooth sailing, everyone.