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Vital gift
To the Editor:
Due to the emergency blood shortage in the New York Blood Center, the Town of Shelter Island is hosting the fourth annual summer blood drive on Thursday, July 25 from 2 p.m. to 8 p.m. at the Emergency Medical Services Building, 12 Manwaring Road.

Blood donations typically decline in the summer when schools go on break and people take vacations, and tougher screening rules have left the New York Blood Center with just a two- to-three-day supply of some blood types.

In past years, no blood drives were held east of the Shinnecock Canal from Memorial Day until after November 1 due to the tick-borne illness babesiosis on the East End. Long Island Blood Services will test every pint of blood donated for the babesia parasite.

The entire donation process takes less than an hour and a single donation can be used to save multiple lives. Donors with O-negative blood type, or “universal donors,” are especially encouraged to donate, since their blood can be used in emergencies.

If you are between the ages of 16 and 75 and weigh at least 110 pounds, are in good health and have had no tattoos in the past 12 months, please consider donating blood during this time of extreme shortage. Your vital gift is greatly appreciated.

If you have any questions about the blood drive or would like to make an appointment to donate, please call Judy Meringer at (631) 749-0291. Any questions about your eligibility to donate, please call Long Island Blood Services at (800) 688-0900.
Judy Meringer
Shelter Island

Better treatment
To the Editor:
Results of circulating petitions, letters to the Reporter, the Town Board and supervisor will confirm the large number of residents supporting Dr. Kelt’s continued outstanding medical care on Shelter Island.

While I was on the Town Board at the time Dr. Kelt was chosen over other applicants to become our much needed full-time physician, he was then, and still is, the most qualified doctor with all the required certifications at that time — 37 years ago!

He should be grandfathered on all counts. Not to do this, is an insult to him and all his patients, but critically more important is the loss of the only doctor many of our residents have counted on for many years of their lives.

To expect them to start all over with a new and less experienced doctor, especially at the advanced age of many, is downright inhumane (in today’s language)! The citizens of Shelter Island are deserving of better “treatment,” as is Dr. Kelt.

Dr. Kelt has been my trusted and accomplished doctor for 37 out of 40 years I’ve lived full-time on Shelter Island. His expertise has made all the difference in my many health issues over the years and to date (with three tick bites in four weeks this May).

He is more important to all his many patients than are the people who attempt to appear to want to improve health care on Shelter Island.
Barbara Allen-Lieblein
Shelter Island